Friday, May 10, 2013

What I'm Eating: Early May

Linking up with Townsend House for Heather's What I'm Eating Series :)
So what's been fixin here? Well, I'm glad you asked! 

What to do with all that left-over curry? Well reheat it solo of course, but I also thought it might be good as a wrap. Tortilla, left-over pumpkin curry base, sauteed zukes & onions, bit o' sour cream. Verdict--Delish and filling!

Simple afternoon protein & healthy fats. Half avocado & some peach salsa on top of two scrambled eggs. (This hits rotation multiple times a week.)

Almost daily protein smoothie is always an easy way to pack a big bang full of vitamins & minerals for a meal. Yesterday's mix: banana, half-avocado, greens, coconut milk, part of a cucumber, small handful boysenberries, scoop whey protein, tsp flax seed meal, biotin, EmergencE packet, small handful almonds.

Simple, fast homemade huevos rancheros. Tortilla smothered in refried black beans, two eggs (over easy?) on top, half avocado, salsa.

M's favorite breakfast fixins. Eggs scrambled with hashbrown mix & whole wheat toast w/ my homemade pear butter.

And always, always on evenings when I teach: a small bag of cranberries & almonds, can of V8 juice, and 40 oz of water. 


  1. YUM! This all looks delicious! Scrambled eggs with peach salsa and avocado, not a combo I have tried but definitely will this week :-) I have eggs and a couple jars of peach salsa left from last summer. Can't wait to try it! Thanks for linking up!

  2. Yum! Lots of good eats going on in your world this week. I am all about scrambled eggs. I haven't added in avocados before but I bet that would be a great combo with some salsa! Yum!

  3. okay, now i'm hungry! i think pretty much anything tastes good in a tortilla, and i'd love to try eggs & avocado together.

  4. I seriously love all the comments here! Especially since the avocado & eggs was a new idea for y'all---must give it a try as it's delish! :) I love seeing what other people are eating too. Sometimes the new spins on the easy meals are the greatest!