Sunday, May 19, 2013

Busy, Busy, BUSY!

Don't even ask me where the last week went or where the next one is going. Just kidding, but I've been caught up in a whirlwind. I can't even remember what my last update was about.....

....but let's just throw a bunch at ya:

---M flew out on Friday morning. We had a smashing BBQ for him the weekend before this one and he and I went on that great final hike the day after said BBQ. Early in the week, we moved his bed out of his room, transitioned him to the guest room, and situated the house. Thursday afternoon we went shopping for his kid (have I mentioned that yet?) that lives in Taiwan, gathering items the baby needs and M wanted to "build a bear." However much of the week went to helping him be ready to leave and that the house was situated because....

---on Wednesday evening, my new short term housemate L arrived with her lil 7lb dog Sunny. Luckily the dogs get along and L seems like she'll be a great short term option. She just drove out from Pennsylvania so now is in the process of searching for long term housing options and employment. So far I don't know that I'd be opposed to her staying longer than the 1-2 months we'd originally discussed except the extra animal in the house might be a bit much and I think L would get tired of the cats (she's allergic) and of smoking outside long term.

---On Tuesday I got notice of an interview for this next week. On Weds evening on my way to work, I got called for an interview tomorrow, and on my drive on Friday I got called for an interview on Tuesday. Let's just call this interview week....and y'all can get hopeful, but until I have a job offer via phone or my inbox I'm not getting excited.

---Final assignment for the online courses got graded this weekend. Exam week last week for in person courses so I have exams still to grade. A work meeting last Thursday morning to review preparations for our big event this next Friday for which I have duties I have to complete mid-week now (for the very part-time other job I also have right now).

---Thursday evening was my regular evening with Granny, after a quick dinner at home with the new housemate. Granny and I had a good evening together--chatting, filing her nails again, writing out a bday card for my brother and mailing it.

---Friday afternoon I had a different work training but traffic was crazy so I was going to be an hour late to the event from the airport. I didn't want to be rude and come in late, so I took it instead as ample opportunity to pack up my car/dogs and hit the road early, as tomorrow's interview is in my hometown. I've spent at least three hours on the phone with fellow friends/colleagues collaborating for the interview, then have spent another 4 hours (at least) researching for it, and more time responding to a written question sample.

---Beyond grading and interview prepping, I've seriously crashed. I met one of my gals for an afternoon beach session with the dogs but I skipped out on church this morning. I've been sleeping like it's going out of style, but I did finally get out for a run this afternoon (first work-out since Tuesday!!!!) and also soaked in the tub during night one. Mom and Dad have also spoiled me with dinner out on two nights. To say that I'm tired after this last week is an understatement however....

---After the interview tomorrow, I'll drive back up. Chat with L about options, as she wanted some insights about living/work situations. Tuesday, I'll run scantrons on campus, prep for the next interview, do the phone interview that afternoon, and teach in the evening. Wednesday I have a mid morning appt for an oil change, I need to pick up my to-dos for the Friday event (herb center pieces and table decorations), run by the grocery store, and teach in the evening again. Thursday is more interview prep, afternoon interview, finishing any pre-event last minute needs, and an evening with Granny. Friday is a meeting and the evening event. And then hopefully the weekend is a big relaxation session....with maybe some lawn mowing thrown in and online grading. And if I don't get any of these jobs, then we start sending out more applications too....

---Other randoms: this weekend I was bummed to miss out on the PDX Rock & Roll Half to cheer on some of the high school gals that I know who were running it. I AM thinking about running in the Starlight 5k Run the ex and I ran it last year and had mentioned running it together this year regardless of the outcome of the marriage (apparently he has Reserves drill that weekend however....).

---While I've been talking to my gals mainly to prep for the interview, it's been nice to catch up with them quickly also and hear how they've been doing....a couple of them I talk to rarely, so it's been especially nice.

---Garden.....I did check on it this last week and some of the seeds were peeking thru! to grade some exam essays and then hit.the.hay!

Hope you all have been having some great days behind and ahead!

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  1. Woo hoo - that is so exciting that you have some interviews this week. Fingers crossed that you find an opportunity this week. :) You do sound like you are so busy! I guess I never thought about how stressful/busy the end of a semester was for profs, I only thought of it from the students perspective!