Saturday, May 4, 2013

New Combos: Some Spring Outfits

This rarely worn cardigan almost got sent to the thrift stores, but I decided to try to force it into rotation  because I love the colors so much. I also wore it with skinnies & a lavendar cami.

Wore this most the day with a brown boyfriend cardigan. Cardigan plus glasses definitely decreased the amount of male attention.....except from other males that wear glasses....

Casual Work Meeting:

Division Meeting:
You can barely see the leopard print flats. I also wore this with a brown/gold scarf.


Work Meeting:
Although I took the cardigan off.


Still enjoying the challenge. I think of things I'd love to add but really I have much more than I can really regularly use. Happy with what I've got!


  1. You definitely do a great job of working with what you've got! I haven't bought a single article of clothing since I moved to Charlotte and don't see myself buying anything anytime soon. Mostly because I hate going to the mall and that is my only option here in Charlotte if I want clothes (whereas in Minneapolis there were some stores downtown, like Banana Republic, that I could go to on my lunch break). I guess it will be good for my wallet and will force me to work with what I have as well.

    1. Honestly I've streamlined my wardrobe down some (and probably will continue to do so). At the end of each season (no matter how many clothes I have) I always get tired of wearing that type of stuff or feel like I'm rewearing everything....I don't know that it matters how many options we have (as long as we have our basics covered). I used to follow quite a few fashion bloggers....but I find myself getting annoyed by the perpetual increase in their clothes---it just seems like continual waste! Why not use (and love) what we have?! Ha...that turned into a rant...sorry! ;) I can imagine you've got some GREAT combos in that closet that you've never tried though. I'm amazed that I'm constantly putting things together that I've never worn together before :)