Monday, November 18, 2013

If We Met for Happy Hour, I'd Tell You...

So I'm not going to lie, I should be using this next 30 minutes of lounging in bed to actually take a nap BUT I've been meaning to do a post so here we go:

IF we were meeting over happy hour today (which I'm headed to in an hour):

---I'd ask how you were doing and want to get the low down on your life. What are your highs, what have been the lows, and what are you most proud of/grateful for at this time of year?

---I'd tell you about how I took my uncle's advice and took some of this OTC med that is supposed to increase mucus production in a means to get rid of my chronic cough....except apparently that hardened mucus probably had formed a bubble around an active now I feel like ab-so-lute crap today. Back to the aches, chills, and just being so incredibly exhausted.

---I'd tell you about how glad I am that I arranged that mini vacation for myself next week. That I still haven't decided where to go for Thanksgiving as my immediate family has split between our two extended family options. I'd tell you that really I want the delicious food....and just to stay home.

---I'd tell you how last weekend I dog sat for my buddy R and realized how glad I am that my dogs are middle aged and decently well trained. They enjoyed having a one year dog here, but they weren't too sad to see her go either.

---I'd tell you that at the end of the trail run/hike I took all three dogs on, I made the mistake of actually talking to a guy at the trail head and helping him out with a broken down car.....I've made it clear that I'm in no ways interested but I did agree to let him buy me breakfast on Sunday as a thank you. Sigh....back to my own rule of not talking to dudes on trail. Since when did kindness get confused with interest/flirting? After avoiding the situation for over a week, I also finally sent a text to my colleague letting him know that I thought he was starting to show interest and that I'm not on the same page. I haven't heard back from him...

---I'd tell you that I'm seriously stoked for my one housemate to move out over Thanksgiving weekend and that I may have had some words with her the middle of last week. Nothing unbearable but just a continual lack of respect regarding coming home late during the night which wakes the dogs up which in turn wakes me up...and is something that was clearly discussed in the ad, in the interview, and during last month.

---I'd tell you that I totally forgot that my mom is coming up today for a conference on the East side, but I'm actually really looking forward to seeing her. She'll only be here until Wednesday and we'll have limited time together since I teach tomorrow night...but still will be nice to have her.

---I'd tell you that I'm seriously giddy with excitement about Housemate M coming back and that I'm grateful for exchanges like this that happen between us:
Me: So I know you'll have lots going on when you first get back.....but ....can you help me clean the carpets in the house and move my bedroom furniture so I can paint the walls over break?
M: Of course. Can we go snowshoeing? BTW what do you want for Xmas?
Me: Uh, for you to build me the compost bin out of the pallets in the shed that I've been wanting since summer.....and of course we can go snowshoeing!
M: Ha, um okay. But what about something material?
Me: Um....nails for said compost bin??? And what do you want?
M: For you to agree to try snowboarding for once and come up to the mountain with me.
Me: Ha, uh, damn. Okay fine I can do that.
Seriously stoked for this dude to get back! What's better than gifts of experience, time, and creating?!

---I'd tell you that I did almost nothing physical this weekend (except full body massages and those have to burn calories!) and it was well needed after covering a total of 32 odd miles last week. Wow! I'm continually amazed at my body sometimes....but also trying to listen to it's needs for rest. I still haven't decided if I want to run the Holiday Half. Housemate M flies in that day we think so I have to pick him up from the airport, but maybe it'd be doable....? Idk.

--I'd also tell you how I've been meaning to clean my closet out and the perfect opportunities have been presenting themselves. One of my younger classmates mentioned she was really cold the other day and she only had a lightweight coat. She lives in the area and has no money, so I brought her to the house and gave her my old winter coat, several layering pieces, and some sweaters. I haven't had the opportunity to do much "giving" lately of that sort....and it seriously just felt amazing. I also gave my housemate a skirt and a tank, since she's been wanting clothes but been struggling to find what she wants. I knew she'd wear some of my pieces more than I will so I went ahead and passed them on.

---Additionally that housemate and I have developed this Friday evening habit of lounging on the couch and watching old Netflix What Not to Wear episodes. It's been nice to just spend a bit of time checking out but still spending some time with her void of lots of talking.....

---I'd also tell you how happy I am that this weekend I get to see three of my favorite gals for coffee. I've really come to cherish these monthly coffee outings with my gals....and this month our gal from California will be in town too. :)

---I might also tell you that the gal I'm seeing for Happy Hour downtown today is someone from high school that I haven't seen since I was 17. We reconnected through that online fitness support group I was telling you all about and I'm really looking forward to seeing her in a few!

---Oh and I also scheduled a counseling appt for Sunday to help me work through some of these fears about eventually developing a relationship. I'm looking forward to checking in with her and hearing some of her feedback/words of wisdom.

---And I suppose that's about it in a nutshell!!

Hope you all have been well! :) Hope to check in on blogs and catch up with all of you next week finally!

Friday, November 8, 2013

What I've Been Eating: September & October

I know that I've been missing Heather's link-ups over at Townsend House, and honestly I've been doing a really bad job of coming up with new food options lately. (M asked me a week ago via email what I had been cooking lately....and it dawned on me that I really hadn't made much new! When he's around I'm inspired to try out new recipes on him, but until this weekend, not much new had been cooking/making.)

Mainly due to time constraints I've settled in on a routine:

Breakfast is ALWAYS a Chobani yogurt, a banana, my D vitamins and then either some take on a small bowl of oatmeal, a scramble, toast/english muffin, etc. Coffee w creamer gets drank on the way to class or in the comfort of home on weekends and M/W.

Lunch has to survive five hours in my bag before being (heated up) eaten, so mostly what I've been doing is some combination of the following: veggies & hummus, small oranges/apples, V8, pyrex containers of soup/stew, bagels w/ cream cheese and turkey slices. I also haul healthy granola bars, protein bars, bags of cranberries & almonds as snacks.

Dinner has pretty much been a salmon burger w/ BBQ sauce, a side of avocado & either a tomato, soup, or other sauted veggies on the side. I eat this probably twice a week. The smoothie (frozen fruit, greens, flax seed, coconut milk, vitamins, almond butter) gets consumed 2-4x a week. The scramble or omelet might come into play here with veggies. Other items that have been consumed for dinner: sauted pepper & refried bean fajitas, shrimp & homemade (canned) veggie laden sauce with pasta, various soups, baked potatoes with various toppings, roasted veggies, and one night out for dinner with a housemate.

Honestly the main things I'm eating are variations on scrambles and the crock pot soup/stew is saving me! I make a big pot of something 1-2x a month: it feeds me a meal then, a meal later that week, gives me 1-2 lunches for school, and then lets me freeze 1-3 portions for school lunches later. I've been living off this for most the month! I'm also relearning to make 2-3 portions for dinner and then having left overs to use for lunches the rest of the week.

In September the crockpot and I made a combination of several quinoa & black bean veggie chilis from pinterest. I also made a "root veggie" soup from veggies I had on hand. This last weekend I just made an african sweet potato soup and also did a combo lentil/quinoa/veggie soup/stew. I've also been buying english muffins and bagels in bulk and then freezing half the bag until I actually use them. Left over muffins that I froze this summer have been used for breakfasts and snacks also. And if I'm honest doing this has totally ensured that I'm fed and sustaining most weeks (even if there isn't a ton of variation!). One of the things I'm *hoping* to do over Christmas break is to make several soups, muffins, pizza dough, etc that can be frozen in portions and that will get me through Winter term. :)

Looking through and cleaning out my pinterest recipes (and seeing what my health conscious classmates bring) has been inspiring me to get down on bringing salads/greens with healthy grains, veggies, fruits, nuts, and legumes. So hopefully I'll start putting together a few of these options this month. This one and this one look amazing! (And I just realized this weekend how incredibly simple making lentils is! How did I not know this?!)

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Priorities & Living with Intention

So I seriously love reading most of the posts that show up on A Life Less Bullshit, and last week or so this particular post on priorities really made me nod my head and just plain think....

....and I started thinking about what my priorities were, what they currently are, and what I feel that they SHOULD be long term. If I'm truly living with intention and authenticity, then where and how I choose to spend my time should also correspond to what I value in life and be helping me head toward the life I want to be living. Nothing like getting to take a good look at where I'm currently investing my energy vs where I want to be investing my energy long term! :)

You all know I'm a goal-setter by nature and that I like to challenge myself in healthy ways. These goals consistently get reviewed to ensure that they're truly representative of who I want to be long term, but it's been a while since I've really thought about what I'm doing NOW and what those choices transmit to others. While I recognize that my current schedule has had to change my priorities some in recent weeks, I've also been reflecting upon the reality that I feel that life (while heading into a totally separate plan than what I expected) is actually heading back in the right direction. I'm honestly not sure how all this will play out (and I'm okay with not knowing for now), but I feel like this is where I am supposed to be and this current program is directing me back full circle (ironically...potentially heading toward the version of me I wanted to be back when I was 15). I'm *happy* with where life is heading and also with the version of myself I'm currently living, even if I can't fully engage in all the areas I'd like to have be priorities.

So what might those current priorities be? Well the main ones:
--Basics: Sleep, hygiene, food
--Engaging in time management

Lesser but still important priorities:
--physical activity
--social connections

Smaller priorities:
--pets & house care
--mental health days/moments
--financial focus
--family obligations

Things that generally ARE priorities but currently (and unfortunately) are not on the list:
--spiritual health
--creative engagement: reading, projects, crafting/DIY
--yard duties
--travel & outdoor pursuits/planning
--outside intellectual stimulants (lectures, personal research, etc)

And other areas I would like to see on the list again in the next few years:
--Social engagement on a larger scare
--Donating time/money/resources

And honestly if that/those are my list, then I'm happy with what that does say about me. Granted not all of that gets discussed here on the blog. I tend to post pictures of outfits, hikes, and the occasional check in...but when I really think of where my time/focus/energy is going then I'm happy with where things are for the moment.

Having to decrease focus on social interactions and physical activity is an adjustment and they're still very important to me, but I'm also having to be realistic about just how much I can do in any given day, week, and month. Since school is my current priority and work pays my bills (and is something I love), then those two have to get most my time. The basics is what will keep me sane, healthy, and functioning (and while physical activity I know should be in that just can't be right now), and time management is how I'm staying sane with everything right now and assists me in making sure that everything works out realistically and smoothly (even though time management, takes time!). :)

Generally speaking though, I think it's so important to live a life that is representative of who we are but also of who we want to be. This could be due to how I was was raised...with a clear focus on striving to be a "good" individual and being mindful of how our daily actions appeared to others. Do you think that your time and resource allocation is representative of you and where you want to go with life?? I'm intrigued to know what others think of this....

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A Day in the Life: Tuesdays

Tuesdays are my LOOOONG day, so I thought it would be interesting to document one of them.

5:30am alarm goes off after falling asleep at 11:45pm.
5:35am crawl out of bed, turn heat up, nudge dogs outside
5:40am hop in for super quick shower, put on "face," get dressed
5:55am feed dogs, make coffee, get lunch & backpack packed, make & eat breakfast (Chobani yogurt, banana, Vit D, small bowl oatmeal w/ coconut flakes, pecan pieces, & brown sugar)
6:30am shut bathroom doors and make sure dogs seem settled for day
6:35am head out to car; drive to transit station
7:00am arrive at transit station, park, get on MAX
7:40am get off MAX and walk two blocks to school

8:00am attend Swedish massage class: watch example for 40 mins, receive practice for 40 mins, give practice massage using techniques shown for 40 mins
10:50am head downstairs to heat & eat lunch (quinoa, lentil, cauliflower, & sweet potato stew, 2 small oranges, V8 & mint tea) w classmates & try to review forearm/hand muscles for big quiz
11:30am attend Kinesology class, take written quiz, complete practical quiz in 2nd group (showing two randomly selected muscles at their origin, insertion, and naming all their actions), spend rest of class reviewing for midterm, finishing Friday's homework, and finishing reading for Thursday
2:15pm class is let out, walk to MAX stop
2:25pm get on MAX
2:55pm get in car at transit station and start drive home

3:25pm arrive at house, check mail, pull in garbage cans
3:35pm let dogs out, put dishes away, unpack school bag, pack work bag
4pm make caffeinated tea (something I never do in the afternoon), make & eat dinner, change clothes for work & touch up make up, feed dogs
5pm sit down for 15 minutes to relax, think about rest of week game plan & pin crap on pinterest
5:15pm leave for work

5:30pm arrive at close campus
5:40 arrive to classroom, get organized for evening, check work email, answer student questions
6pm class starts: mainly lecture & discussion (body composition, fitness, & body image issues)
9pm class over, answer student questions & concerns until 9:20pm
9:20pm respond to text messages, head to car
9:40pm arrive home, let dogs out & give attention, change into work out gear

(Below not normal for Tuesday, but think the tea needed burning off!)
9:50pm do 35mins of yoga, interact with housemate for 5 mins afterward, prep dogs and go for 4.1 mile drizzly night run, dry off dogs when home
11:10pm get in shower
11:30pm drink 20oz of water, pour a very small glass of wine, crawl into bed, drink wine & day dream on pinterest, think of game plan for Wednesday
11:40pm fall asleep

Monday, November 4, 2013

Spontaneous Day Hike

As mentioned, on Wednesday I bailed on my optional work meeting and instead came home, changed into comfy clothes, loaded up the dogs, and stopped by Starbucks for a chai on the way to one of the dogs and my favorite trails in the Tillamook Forest. The dogs have been really squirrely the last few weeks as they're not used to being home so much and to not having me around as much, and it dawned on me that it had been several weeks since they had been out on a drive. To say they were excited is an understatement...and it felt amazing to have that sensation of spontaneous fun and freedom again (something I probably slightly took for granted throughout the last year). I still had to teach that night, but for a few short hours we got to get away and just enjoy ourselves and our surroundings.

Gorgeous leaves lined the trail.

Cement stepping stones to go around the open ground spring.

Gorgeous sky views.

Chilly enough to see the dogs breath.

Peace overcame my soul.

Beautiful trail views....with the sunlight streaming through the trees, happy dogs sniffing and smiling, and the large ferns seeming like sprouting treasures.

The dogs and I at the creek crossing.

Just a few hours....but that freedom was oh so good for the soul. Time in nature soothes and there's nothing like the happy smiles that cross the dogs faces as they sniff and jog along the trails.

Note to self: take time to just enjoy and embrace free days of life...

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Other October Attire

Again, October recap in November :) but seriously, dressing for massage school has been an adjustment but I think I've found a happy medium :) Also clothes and the act of putting an outfit that works together has totally become one of those happy daily tasks. I think I'm hitting a style of my own...even if it's 1/3 pinterest inspired, 1/3 me inspired, and 1/3 WNTW inspired. Ha!

And if you're on instagram then you've already seen almost all of these :)

Totally comfortable...and made me realize I matched my house!

New top for massage....awesome!

Also both massage and yet everyday appropriate. (And the first time Lady has made her outfit photo appearance!)

IN LOVE with these shoes....and the way it looked against nature!

Massage school day to teaching evening. I changed shirts cause I'd already worn that one to teach in before but I couldn't remember for which day of the week class....(I try not to duplicate outfits within the term...)

Coffee w the gals, freedom/hike day, and work evening. That middle picture tunic and leggings had a 3-4 day run. I'm all about rewearing the same outfit in a row these days if I can! :)

Saturday, November 2, 2013

November Update & Randoms

Since I'm so sparsely writing get ready for an all-in-one randoms and updates! :)

1) I get so frustrated with apple updates. Why do I have update in order to continue to use my Icloud?! Frustrating!

2) I've never had a male cat before. I never knew that male cats could and do hump things. I've had to throw said male cat outside twice now in order to get him off (pun not intended) of the dog's fleece blanket. Suggestions from any male cat owners?!

3) I'm tired.all.the.time. Seven hours of sleep in one go seems like a luxury these days. Most weekdays I'm running on 4-5 hours of sleep thanks to being a night owl and my housemates followed by 5:30am wake-ups. Even when I try to go to sleep earlier, it just doesn't happen.

4) The dogs and I had our first taste of freedom on Wednesday (since our hike in mid September) when I bailed on my optional work meeting that was all the way across the city. 45 minutes into the commute I was still on my side of the city and I realized I had been uber bitchy to the gas attendant. At that point I took the next exit and came home to get the dogs before using a Starbucks gift card to get a chai I'd been desiring for three days and heading to our favorite trails. Spontaneous freedom was incredible and much needed---it was an eye opener that I need a day off now and again....and that I hope that what I'm envisioning for January's schedule and load is truly going to be the case.

5) I seriously can't flipping wait for housemate M to get back. He drives me crazy at times and I know he's going to be needy, but man, I feel so much happier and just plain comfortable in my own skin all the time when he's around. Plus he's my built in outdoor/running buddy, he's always up for a beer, and he'd make the perfect massage feedback client. One month-ish to go...

6) So far I've been doing really well in my massage classes and I can't believe how much I've already learned! It's definitely taking more time than I intended but it's pretty incredible how it's all coming together.

7) I think massage school is turning me more into a hipster though.....and I'm not sure how I feel about it. Especially cause I cut my hair (thanks to my hair stylist neighbor!) and so now I have (awesome!) thick bangs :)

8) I can't wait for winter break when I can relax.....and maybe paint my bedroom, and make curtains, and deep clean the carpets in the house....and get a christmas tree, etc etc etc

9) I'm not really hanging out with Tall D again. We're still chatting/friendly some and I'm going to use him as a massage client, but I wouldn't say we're "hanging out" anymore. Which really it was great to spend the summer with him and get affirmation of the fact that we made the right choice last year.

10) I absolutely positively am looking forward to November. I think it's going to go fast. But the leaves are still gorgeous, we're just having frosty mornings, and it just makes me think of fires, coziness, and warmth even with the coolness of the season. This month also makes me focus on gratitude (which I could use right now), and it's wonderful to have a whole month dedicated to being grateful for what I already have.

11) Speaking of being grateful for what I already have, I totally failed on my no buy. I held out great til I bought those black skinnies from Target and then several more trips to Target slid me further down the hill. I'm now up to several long sleeve shirts, a couple short sleeve shirts, a new cardigan, a new winter coat, a leather jacket, a pair of skinny cords, and two pairs of replacement flats. Will I wear it all? Yup and definitely have been! I'm going to TRY my hardest to get back on the wagon for November & December....especially since my finances could benefit from it.

12) Speaking of finances....sigh. I'm SO totally hopeful that this massage licensing will pay out in the end because it's going to be a lot of money up front. And on the financial note, I'm also really realizing that I totally miss my parents being here routinely each month. It's great support and just plain nice to see them for a night. As much as I need to rent out the middle room to create more financial freedom for myself, it'd be great to have Mom and Dad around on the regular again.

13) My personal stress reducer is to be on pinterest. I'm not going to lie. I love it. It calms and yet inspires me....and it just plain keeps me grounded to who I am and where I'm headed. I let myself get on there before I go to sleep and when I'm zoning out on public transit.

14) There is at least one guy who has sort of been hanging around, but honestly I need to just sit him down and have the direct talk. I'm back to that place of not really wanting to date. I never wanted to date when I was serious about my education before...and really, until I'm financially on my own feet again, I just don't feel like I want to try to create something new with someone else when I'm still totally trying to figure it out myself. Plus, I'm not going to lie....I'm just feeling lazy. There still seem to be some great guys out there...but I'm just not there yet. I mean how DO you know who/what the right one is? My gal D is giving me one more year before she starts kicking my butt in gear....and I'm also thinking about re-starting counseling to help me work through some of these thoughts/questions.

15) Two of my gals and I just started a monthly coffee date. I can't tell you how much I've missed them and how good for my soul it has been to have our coffee dates. I'm so inspired by them with babies and new home purchases and work advancements all around!

16) My buddy Randall let me go to church with him a few Sundays ago. It was like the universe (massage school, friends, random events) had been telling me to get my spiritual health back in order. I've been so frustrated and at odds with God in the last year....and I kid you not, the message that Sunday provided the answer I needed. That God strips us of all that matters to us to remold us into what He needs/wants us to be. "Give up YOUR life...." Six months ago, I wasn't ready to hear that....but where I am now and with the future I'm contemplating, it all sort of makes sense again. (This particular church also was all about how we are missionaires in our every day lives....where can we DAILY be of service to others??....for this reason, I have started opening my massages by grounded myself with a prayer of intention to provide what clients/students/friends need....)

17) And so these days, aside from the occasional social outing, weekends studying/grading, commutes, and teaching, My life pretty much revolves around this:
Attempting to maintain balance, choosing to be happy, and lots and lots of massages :)

Friday, November 1, 2013

Exercise Recap, Insights, & Goals

This post is a month overdue. In Sept I wrote this post here, which contained my year exercise stats from the year prior since I had been tracking. I also discussed that I was nervous about the busyness of the fall schedule with all the upcoming changes and being able to maintain my physical activity levels. In order to try to counteract the potential upcoming scheduling issues, to make up for all the "off" days I'd had the year prior AND to set a new challenge, I had decided to spend September working out every single day, even if that meant just stretching for 20 minutes and rolling out on the foam roller. 

So the Sept Totals came to: 82.4 miles ran/hiked, 4 Insanity DVDs, 6 you-tube yoga sessions & 17 miles by bike and a weekend learning to paddleboard. (Also some of the mileage was from the hellish backpack trip.)

But more importantly I learned a few things from that month. I read several bloggers who cover some pretty impressive mileage and cross train a LOT. When I look at what they accomplish, I'm always in awe. If I'm 100% honest, I don't know that my body is made that same way...and that's part of what September reaffirmed for me. Yes, I can up my mileage and I can make myself work out every day. Yes, I'm proud of what my body accomplished and how fast I recovered from that initial backpacking trip, but I'm not going to the end of that month my body was physically just plain tired. I could still push it (and I did) but I should have listened to my body and taken an easier month for October.

Instead I pushed it because I got caught up in another friend based challenge of trying to push through to make another 80 miles this last month (while also adjusting to less sleep and a lot more stress), and I have no doubt that this was a major reason that I ended up sick this last month. Not taking a break led to my body mandating rest and recovery via illness, and I spent almost half the month too sick and wiped out to do anything physically active.

As much as I love being physically active and it was fun to see my body push continually and efficiently in September, I also know that actual recovery days and breaks are SO important for me. And in fact, I think I actually do better with distance running when I'm LESS active continuously. For example, this last month I was able to run a 13 miler for the first time since last winter, felt fine the next day, and then ran a 8 miler two days later. Back to back "longer" runs aren't the norm for me....but I honestly think part of that ability came from doing nothing many of the other days along the way. In fact I'm honestly contemplating running my first official half race (the Holiday Half) because I know if I can run a half when I'm sick and haven't run for five days, then I should be able to get up off the couch without training and run a half on my old undergrad roads. But we'll see....especially now that I've signed up for a new challenge...but more on that in a second.

Ironically my other thoughts on this are that the 13 miler was....amazing, I felt great, and I could have pushed on. I know that I could run a marathon (and reading everyone's Chicago recaps I actually started daydreaming about it....) but the truth of the matter is that I don't feel like putting the strain on my body or breaking it down. Running that 13 miler, my IT band was tight by mile 8, my feet were sore from the Vibrams (which is another consideration as I'd have to figure out and adjust to a different footwear option) and all the stairs at school have made my knees start to feel creaky and old....I just don't (currently) see the point in breaking myself in order to make distance. I'm not saying it won't happen. I DO have a 20 miler distance on my life goals list...but at this point a full marathon, I'm not so sure. Maybe with regular massage and acupuncture I could make it happen, but I just don't know that it's worth it....

Now...all that being said. It's now November and I've had a month to adjust to this crazy schedule. I'm still hacking (in fact they gave me an inhaler to try to stop the cough from continuing), but I'm tired of feeling too crappy to work out and I only have a month to go til there's a real break with time to sleep, heal, and I'm trying to figure out how to get back into some routine exercise. Insert: My gal D's friend Emily (we all went to high school together) has become a huge fitness motivator and just created a FB "group" where we can all motivate/encourage each other along toward our fitness goals. (Awesome idea, no?!....I'm trying to convince her to make this into a job....)

So for this month (and after watching last month), I'm setting realistic, obtainable physical activity goals but ones that will still challenge me due to time constraints etc.

November's challenge is to work out 4-5x weekly (although I can do a double if I need to...and this means 3+ miles of running/hiking, Insanity, 30-60 minutes of a youtube yoga video, or 6+ miles biked) with two long runs (10 or more miles) this month. I also intend to drink 80 oz of water a day (I've been noticing I'm dehydrated)...and not eat any ice cream or candy this month (I almost never do but totally succumbed last month!! although I get a pass on Thanksgiving). On a side note: I'm also hoping to do at least two things for my spiritual health this month--either submerse in the Bible, go to church, volunteer...something.

So there ya have it. I learned some things (I need and do better with major rest days, stretching really helps me, having GOOD vibrams is important) and I'm headed into another month looking forward to getting myself toned up again. (On a side note: I might be trying to end 2013 with 800 miles in the bag. That means that I'd have two months of about 70 miles ahead...but definitely think it's doable!)

And what do you think, can I run a half without training in December mind you? I'm a little nervous about maybe pushing this month and then undermining myself because of it next month. We'll see. But it'd give me something to check off my goal list, as would the sprint tri that I'm contemplating for next summer.....

What are your fitness or health goals lately?!