Sunday, September 15, 2013

Exercise Wrap-Up & Fit Fall

So if you follow me on Instagram then you've already seen these stats and pictures. On my blog under the Exercise Accountable tab, I document each day what I've done exercise wise or if I have done anything. I'm not going to lie, posting my exercise routines (or lack there of) over the last year has done wonders to keep me motivated and sweating. I'm not trying to be a role model. I'm trying to keep myself active, sane, and to be true to my job as a health educator.

Adding up all the numbers was fun and it was interesting to see the various activities I've been involved with (mainly this summer). Although my stats are much less than many of the other physical activity bloggers I've enjoyed following this year, I'm still happy and proud of the mileage I've made and the new hobbies I've engaged in. This is way more than I've ever consistently done. And my monthly goal of achieving at least 60 miles has kept me at it as well.

Routine exercise & my dogs (usually together) have made me a much happier version of myself. I've pushed myself farther this last year than I've ever been able to go before and I've enjoyed covering so many miles watching my dogs break out in jolly smiles. (Although so many miles has also worn them down and I'm going to need to do a better job of monitoring their mileage/overuse in the coming year....)

I'm also in better physical shape than I've been in a long, long time which in turn makes me feel better about myself. Running/exercise has been the best and probably cheapest therapy throughout this last year. I've ran away tears, anger, and thought through frustrations. I've hit runners highs and used exercise as a mood lifter and way to wake myself up in the afternoon. 

I've also come to have a better overall awareness about my body. I realize I have the capacity to do more than I thought but I can tell when my body needs a break. I feel my muscles, bones, ligaments, joints in ways I haven't before and I've learned of the benefit of cross training, eating, and stretching. In fact, I had to relearn how to eat in order to work out as much as I have been doing. 

Counting up my days and stats, I also realized that 1/3 of the last year I did nothing at all either due to vacation, lack of time, injuries, or just plain wanting to recoup. So to start this next tracking year cycle, I decided to challenge myself in a different way for September. I decided that every single day this month I would do something physically active...even if I'm tired, even if I'm feeling broken, even if it's the last thing I have time to do...because at the very least I can stretch for 30 minutes and that's more than nothing...and because I know that physical activity does more than just benefit my physical body. I've also been trying out some youtube yoga videos (why is real yoga so expensive?!) and am going to try to integrate more of those into my regular rotation. We're halfway through the month and so far so good in terms of adhering to moving!

I'm a little nervous about the upcoming busyness that this fall will bring but am hopeful that the more organized I am that I can continue to schedule regular time for routine physical activity. Plus I'm hopeful that I'll continue to keep garage Insanity work-outs, youtube yoga work-outs, and stretching as easy ways to get at least 30 mins in routinely. Additionally Mom inherited a treadmill from my aunt's move and I've already warned that if it doesn't get used, Dad will be transporting that sucker to my garage for winter (rain-free) mileage, which will also cut down on worrying about outside light available hours. So here's hoping that even with the increased busyness, this year of tracking will be even more successful than the year prior! 

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