Monday, September 23, 2013

My Fall Off the No-Buy Wagon

Okay, okay, so I said I fell off the no-buy closet challenge sort of with the gift card and the black skinnies....

Well, then I had the unfortunate choice of spending an extra 15 minutes when I was early meeting a friend with a quick stop to check out the new city Target......which then made me fall in love with a certain shirt...and after thinking about it continuously for two days, I then went back to purchase it (and some needed file boxes)....only to walk out with it and another 75 dollars worth of new clothes all because my staples were on sale....and there was the cutest gray jacket for sale. I'm not going to lie, there MIGHT be one more new purchase of work pants (I looked at Goodwill but no go) but other than than, I'm considering September my slip up month and plan to make it full steam ahead the rest of the year....Sigh, I was doing so well!

But anyway, new and old, here's what I've been wearing lately:


Work Mtgs:
Probably the only time all year, I'll wear skinnies to work.

Fall afternoon at home & out with Tall D: 
Old jeans that make me realize I must have been much thinner than I realized 5 years ago!

Community Health Lecture:

Social Saturday: Coffee, Lunch, BBQ
New scarf, new yellow shirt, & new gray leather coat

If you didn't notice, I'm loving the scarf look (have I mentioned I'm a late adopter?) and still rocking those black skinnies probably a lil too much :)

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  1. Well you look great in all of these outfits - as usual! And I think we all have our slip ups occasionally! That is exciting that your city got a city Target. I like their urban stores. They layout is different, but can be cool. Like the Minneapolis one is a 2-level target and there is an escalator for your cart!

    You had asked on my blog about what I will do in 7 months... My company sort of thinks I have moved there indefinitely, but my immediate bosses know that I will re-evaluate in a year, especially now that I have these health concerns and would prefer to be close to home. So if I want to move, it's on me to find a new job and I would likely have to leave my company as there aren't many in my field in Minneapolis any longer. :(