Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Mom & Sis Beach Trip

After my return from rafting trip, Mom headed out late the next morning to the family beach house. I wanted to mow and get the house/yard in order, plus get a work-out in before I headed out. I met Mom at the beach house probably around 5 that first night and after getting situated, we loaded the dogs back up and headed down for a walk on the beach.

View of the rock at Pacific City

Mom walking onto the beach.

There are two spots that frequently accumulate sand dollars washed up on the shore. This particular evening we were able to find three.

I love this picture of the rock & cape with Roxi enjoying the waves in the foreground.

Dogs & I--these crazy biotches have been my life preservers

After the walk, we headed back up to the house and spent some time chatting before getting ready for bed. The next morning I woke up fairly early and sat enjoying my coffee and the views from the large windows. The weather had been showering so it was always nice to see breaks from the rain! My sister got there about 930am and so the three of us were able to do some initial catching up. I hadn't seen my sister since January and for multiple reasons we haven't interacted with each other much in the last year or so, so in some ways it was sort of nice to work on putting our differences aside and spend some time enjoying and loving on each other. I left the house about noon to head part of the way back toward the valley for my interview and I really enjoyed the drive both ways. The windy narrow roads with single lane bridges have some amazing river scenery! On my return trip I realized the rain was partly subsiding, so I leashed the dogs up and took them for a run down to the cape and along the beach, while Mom and sis drove down and met us there for walking. 

Mom and sis searching for beach treasures

Dogs and I post run

Sis, Mom, & I on the beach

Once beach time was done, we drove back up to the house so I could take a quick shower and stow the dogs in the entryway, and then we drove back down to the cape to eat dinner at the Pelican Pub. I used to think the Pelican Pub was overpriced, and while I still feel that way about some of their drinks (plus I'm not a huge fan of their beers), I feel like their food has gotten much better in the last few years! I had some pretty delish fish tacos. 

After dinner, we were stuffed and headed back up to the house. More chat time before bed and in the morning, and then we cleaned & vacuumed the house before heading back to the valley late morning.

Altogether a quick trip, but with beautiful views, great moments just spending time with each other, and tons of sea air! Here's hoping we can do it again!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Early Summer Outfits

Dinner out with C:

Work Evening:

Interview Outfit:

I'm in Love with This:

Second Interview Outfit:

Faux-Hipster Look:
And Mom's newest thrift store fine for me: The Tunic

Old Military Inspired Standby:

Entering the end of June, I'm realizing I'd really like some more sundresses......but so far this year's tally is:
2 thrifted skirts & a thrifted dress/tunic from Mom
faux python belt from M
two new bikinis from me
...and I suppose I could mention a new pair of running shorts & clearance Vibrams several months back..

Deschutes River Rafting Weekend

Following D en route to Central Oregon for raft trip. Driving through the Gorge it was beautiful!

The two Ds and I were only planning on spending the weekend rafting while E & P continued on for 5-7 more days, so Tall D and I drove over separately on the Thursday evening to set-up our own shuttle service for the three of us. Tall D and I camped at this awesome spot at Trout Creek, which is a spot my oldest brother and I had camped at years ago. We split cooking responsibilities so once we had camp set up, I fixed dinner for us (tuna noodle casserole the easy way) and then we took a walk along the river before bed. The next morning Tall D made an amazing breakfast (croissant, egg, bacon, greens, sundried tomato scramble w/ pesto & feta---he always has been an amazing cook) and we fixed coffee before packing up camp, transferring gear to dry bags, and heading out to meet up at the rendezvous spot at Warm Springs.

Once the other three guys got there (a hour or two late :)), we blew up the arms of the raft/boat and loaded it on up. Secured the two trucks and then we headed off. The first day we had about six hours of float time on the river with E being our captain. Captain P has 30 years of experience on the river and so he led the charge thru the actual rapids on our last day, but he's taught E most of what he knows. (They also made us all attempt the captain's chair...mine was short lived...and highly entertaining for all of us!) :)

The other three guys D, E, and P and me on the last day. We had lots of trains go by us on the river and normally the conductors would wave! Gorgeous views!

We were able to snag the ideal campsite the evening of day 1 and so we spent day 2 as a rest day just hanging out around the camp. Two hammocks were up, we hiked to the type of a ridge (the guys went further to the flag that was flying up top), brews flowed, we played some Apples to Apples, books were skimmed, good food was made, and naps were taken.
Tall D took this from the top of the ridge.

Two of the guys with the raft/boat hanging out on the shore on rest day.

Ginormous, but awesome find!

Which I must also say, in terms of a campsite, as a female, this place was awesome. Shady spots, with sunny spots. The river there to wash off in and an actual outhouse too. And surprisingly while we saw lots of lizards, we didn't stumble upon a single snake. My tent was set up in the middle of camp with two others on each of the far side and in an area protected by trees. Very ideal.

More views from the river.

Tall D looking back on the last section of rapids we went through.

Day 3 we packed up early, loaded up the boat (and pumped it up a bit), and then headed out for 6 more hours of floating until we could get to Maupin where we had left my car. E & P were doing the whole length of the Deschutes so they had arranged a separate shuttle to ferry them around the falls. We picked up a few items they needed from town and then the two Ds and I drove to get Tall D's truck where we had started. We tag-teamed back toward Portland, stopping for dinner together at a cool lil place just west of Mt Hood. 

Altogether it was a GREAT time--seriously a ton of fun and so glad to have been able to go. The guys were awesome and laid back with lots and lots of laughs. It reminded me of why I always had lots of dude friends in high school--just real low key and easy...and always fun. They were impressed I held my own, put up easily with their veteran banter, etc etc. They're going to try to go on a few more trips this summer but we'll see if I'm able to finagle or manage another quick trip invite :) Definitely glad these dudes are hanging out together though! And so enjoyed the trip, especially since I've always wanted to go!

And a big thank you to my mom, who spent that weekend entertaining the current housemate, watering the transplanted bushes, and caring for my critters :)

Monday, June 24, 2013

June Update

I mean really....let's just throw almost all of June into one major post :) Especially since the month is just about over.

So let's see, let's start with well, FUN:
--There was the rafting trip....which was AWESOME.
--Then there was a 2-3 day trip to the beach house with my sister & mom..also awesome.
--More yard work and a quick visit with the landlords who are thrilled with the changes to the yard so far.
--Tea with Angie (the old housemate) up at Washington Park overlooking Portland.

--Dinner out with C to authentic Thai: Pok Pok.

--Today's rainy uphill hike up to Kings Mtn Summit with Tall D.

--Attending the Timbers game with Luke, his lady, & her brother.

--Evenings out over beers with D or Tall D....and a movie & pizza night in w Tall D.
--Hosting my aunt for an overnight...and a quick visit with another aunt in Poppa's rose garden.
--Regular visits with Granny.

Still to come:
--Another happy hr with my gal E.
--Helping my cousin pack for her trip to Hawaii and finally being able to visit.
--An overnight backpack trip later this week with newest friend from raft trip, also D.
--My gal Christina's visit this weekend and my gal Caitlin will be in PDX mid-July as well.

To say that I've been "living it up the last two weeks" is an understatement, but I recognize that this type of freedom of time/energy/etc is probably somewhat limited.....

Which brings me to job update:
--Interviewed for a great option an hour outside of Portland last Tuesday. I LOVED the team who interviewed me, the town, and what the job would be doing. It'd be a great career move and the pay will cover what I need. The downsides....are that I'd have to move and I'd have to give up most my teaching. Should hear back in next day or two.
--Ironically I did not take the first job offered....because I was shockingly offered the job in my hometown....but the pay was not going to be enough. And if I'm honest it was in an area of health that I wasn't super excited about. I hemmed and hawed for two days but in the end I knew that I couldn't survive on their pay....since it was the same as what I'm making working part-time now.
--Had 2nd interview for my old job last week. Left unsure. I don't feel that many of the concerns I had when I left have been fixed or addressed and that makes me leery. Find out tomorrow probably. Not going to voice everything on here about that job currently.
--Technically my application is still being processed for the worksite wellness job that I'd really hoped to hear about....but I don't think I'm going to hear anything about it. Most the rest of my applications have stopped being considered. I found another job today at a different county to apply for as well as a few other ones.
--For the first time in a long time....I'm talking to my parents multiple times a week to keep them up-to-date on the job and life front. Trying to decide currently if it'd be worth it to take a job I know will leave me stressed all the time and burnt out (and knowing I need to make a 2 year committment to it) or if I can trust the world enough to provide something else instead..... last time I trusted, I burned.
--New term started today for the one online course I'm teaching this summer.

--Ironically, if I don't move, then I already have a potential new housemate who wants to move in as of July 1st. Younger guy with an internship at Intel. His timeframe would fit perfect with M's being gone, as M would return just as this guy would be leaving. (M's doing alright still btw!) I'm to let him know tomorrow.
--Falling out with current short term housemate occurred and she's pretty much been pouting/refusing to interact with me for a week now. All I can do is sort of laugh about it.....and hope that her apartment gets renovated sooner rather than later, so that maybe she'll be able to transition out early instead of mid July. (For the record, it had to do with me putting my foot down about dog after he had another horrible more dogs or exceptions.)
--The idea of moving is both enticing....and exhausting! :)

And that's been about life in a nut shell. Add in a lil patio sunbathing when we've actually had sun, the animals are all doing alright currently, work meeting tomorrow, and just staying on top of all the details! Definitely been lots going on!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Couple New Outfit Combos

So this week has been more limited, as I dressed for the final lectures in more low key outfits that I've already posted before. Tuesday was the blue dress & cardigan combo from finals week here. And Wednesday had to transition to movies after class, so I wore this dress with a short black cardigan that was belted and black sandals. Both days students complimented by legs....which is why I almost always keep my work skirts/dresses to the knee. ;)

From the last two weeks, I mainly have three new combos to show ya.

Friday Work Mtg:
Rarely worn pink sweater over a white button-down w/ skinnies and flats. Inspired by this pin.

Errands & happy hour this last week:
Loved this. I'm also back to wearing flip flops quite frequently.

New look for errands: 
Generally I have a shorts aversion. I hate driving and looking down and seeing my thighs squish out. Don't hate me. I know my legs look good these days...but I still over-analyze my squishy spots (don't get me started on the stick-thin tweens who bemoaned needing to lose "a couple pounds" for their bikinis to fit....I'm pretty sure most females will never be completely satisfied with their bodies....ya for us...not) Anyway....end rant. Shorts went on as I'd seen a few pins that inspired me again.

And seriously the rest of the last two weeks, I've been in duplicate outfits, work-out/yardwork gear, or lounge clothes like this:

Early June Life: Update Alert :)

Woo--so it's been a lil while. I've still been checking in long enough to update my work-outs and read a few posts from y'all, but just been...quiet, sorta, over here. There's been a lot going on though!

So let's summarize:
--Finals are this week coming up. I plan to have all grades uploaded into the system by Thursday noon. 
--I didn't get the research job, but randomly and unexpectedly I got a 2nd interview for my home town. That 2nd interview will happen via Skype tomorrow afternoon, but I'm not feeling too sure about it. I have an interview on Weds for my old veteran job and then another county public health interview on the 18th. I still have apps out and have more I'm intending to submit. Still wanting to break into workplace wellness but I know I'll take the first job offered.
--Still feeling good about my teaching gig. This term has ended so much better and happier than some. As ready as I am for a break, I'm loving hearing my students end the term with the usual reporting of the changes they're making for the better. I LOVE seeing students making choices to improve their health because of the information in our classes. 
--Tomorrow morning is my last mtg for my small part-time gig. We're reporting our program overhaul.

--We created a new smoking area for L on the side of the house, which allows for the windows to be open and breeze to come through. MUCH BETTER for both of us. Mood has lightened somewhat but I'm still looking forward to who might be next.
--Posted ad for new housemate. No real responses. Will drop price a bit and repost. M is paying a small monthly storage fee for his stuff in the garage but he's paying in lump sums, so I think my July rent should be ok regardless.
--I spent last week overhauling the front yard. Dad cut down the ugly bushes out front while they were here a week ago and since then I've relocated 5 bushes, ripped out a dead bush, planted four new bushes & 4 new flowers, weeded, pruned other bushes, mowed again, bought additional starts for the garden, spread mulch and bought more, and watered/watered/watered like crazy. On Tuesday afternoon, I'm having a lawn guy (who my aunts use and my parents are paying for) come move three larger bushes that I can't move on my own. Once those are moved and I spread the rest of the mulch, I'll just have to water...and plant two additional bushes that my mom is bringing next weekend. I'll post pictures when it's all done but here's a sneak peak:

--Finally deep cleaned my bathroom for Mom's use next weekend. I won't even tell you when I last cleaned it. Embarrassing! :)

--June 1st was the Starlight Run through downtown PDX. The three of us who ran it together last year, met up to run it again this year and we plan to try to do so for the next one. Lots of fun...but after being in the yard all day, even that 5k kicked my butt!

--Mainly I've been spending two days out of the week in the yard and then adding in some Insanity and shorter jogs with the dogs on the other days. I'm trying to work on tightening up the core as we head into bikini season. 
--And can I call tanning a work-out? Because I've been doing several days of that as well. I'm trying to keep my sports bra/running tank tan lines to a minimum....although I've got a pretty severe T line going on between my shoulder blades already since this has pretty much become my summer uniform: :)

--Headed over to the ol housemate Luke's for dinner and drinks with some other peoples after the race last Saturday. DELISH salmon burgers!
--Tomorrow I'm finally getting together with one of my gals for happy hour again (as long as it doesn't fall through). I've contacted several of my gals in the last month, but E seems to be the only one consistently trying to reconnect or who has remained in distant check-in status throughout my self-imposed hibernation. 
--Two weeks ago, I went out to breakfast with C (M's coworker) and we're headed out to dinner tonight. C and M were pretty close, so C is also missing having M around. 
--My gal Christina from the ol' San Antone will be up the end of this month for her birthday and I'm pretty stoked to see her. We'll all be getting together for dinner at her parent's place and then trying to wine tour or overnight hike...we'll see.
--Still able to chat to M routinely and make sure he's taking care of himself over in Taiwan. Happy to report he's falling in love with that kid! :) Even if it seems like his health is falling apart! Grr.
--Last Sunday got together with my cousin A--so nice to finally get to reconnect with her again too!
--And since the race, I've also been working on that friendship with Tall D. We went to see Star Trek finally and then had beers after he offered to get bulk mulch for the yard in the truck. But honestly, what I'm most excited about is joining him and a few of his other veteran dudes on a white water rafting trip this coming weekend. Mom's coming to dog sit and I'm pretty stoked to finally get to go on a rafting trip!

--As I've been tanning, I've been reading a lil...sort of. Still on a mission to try to finish some of these books!
--Yesterday I bought two new bikinis....not sure whether this voids part of my no-buy closet challenge for the year, BUT I was in Target and bypassed EVERYTHING else...even when cardigans were on sale. So I'm still feeling like I'm in this thing for a few more months at least. 
--Lady cat had been missing for a week. She showed back up yesterday. I've never been so happy to see her! I fed her half a tuna packet as a reward for coming home even :) Ha.
--And honestly, even with lots of uncertainties still and even more ironies/weirdness in the mix, I'm still feeling happy...settled. Those few months that I took to myself were well needed...because really I've been feeling happy for a month straight and I can't remember the last time I did that! 
--Hopefully more posts to come!