Monday, June 24, 2013

June Update

I mean really....let's just throw almost all of June into one major post :) Especially since the month is just about over.

So let's see, let's start with well, FUN:
--There was the rafting trip....which was AWESOME.
--Then there was a 2-3 day trip to the beach house with my sister & mom..also awesome.
--More yard work and a quick visit with the landlords who are thrilled with the changes to the yard so far.
--Tea with Angie (the old housemate) up at Washington Park overlooking Portland.

--Dinner out with C to authentic Thai: Pok Pok.

--Today's rainy uphill hike up to Kings Mtn Summit with Tall D.

--Attending the Timbers game with Luke, his lady, & her brother.

--Evenings out over beers with D or Tall D....and a movie & pizza night in w Tall D.
--Hosting my aunt for an overnight...and a quick visit with another aunt in Poppa's rose garden.
--Regular visits with Granny.

Still to come:
--Another happy hr with my gal E.
--Helping my cousin pack for her trip to Hawaii and finally being able to visit.
--An overnight backpack trip later this week with newest friend from raft trip, also D.
--My gal Christina's visit this weekend and my gal Caitlin will be in PDX mid-July as well.

To say that I've been "living it up the last two weeks" is an understatement, but I recognize that this type of freedom of time/energy/etc is probably somewhat limited.....

Which brings me to job update:
--Interviewed for a great option an hour outside of Portland last Tuesday. I LOVED the team who interviewed me, the town, and what the job would be doing. It'd be a great career move and the pay will cover what I need. The downsides....are that I'd have to move and I'd have to give up most my teaching. Should hear back in next day or two.
--Ironically I did not take the first job offered....because I was shockingly offered the job in my hometown....but the pay was not going to be enough. And if I'm honest it was in an area of health that I wasn't super excited about. I hemmed and hawed for two days but in the end I knew that I couldn't survive on their pay....since it was the same as what I'm making working part-time now.
--Had 2nd interview for my old job last week. Left unsure. I don't feel that many of the concerns I had when I left have been fixed or addressed and that makes me leery. Find out tomorrow probably. Not going to voice everything on here about that job currently.
--Technically my application is still being processed for the worksite wellness job that I'd really hoped to hear about....but I don't think I'm going to hear anything about it. Most the rest of my applications have stopped being considered. I found another job today at a different county to apply for as well as a few other ones.
--For the first time in a long time....I'm talking to my parents multiple times a week to keep them up-to-date on the job and life front. Trying to decide currently if it'd be worth it to take a job I know will leave me stressed all the time and burnt out (and knowing I need to make a 2 year committment to it) or if I can trust the world enough to provide something else instead..... last time I trusted, I burned.
--New term started today for the one online course I'm teaching this summer.

--Ironically, if I don't move, then I already have a potential new housemate who wants to move in as of July 1st. Younger guy with an internship at Intel. His timeframe would fit perfect with M's being gone, as M would return just as this guy would be leaving. (M's doing alright still btw!) I'm to let him know tomorrow.
--Falling out with current short term housemate occurred and she's pretty much been pouting/refusing to interact with me for a week now. All I can do is sort of laugh about it.....and hope that her apartment gets renovated sooner rather than later, so that maybe she'll be able to transition out early instead of mid July. (For the record, it had to do with me putting my foot down about dog after he had another horrible more dogs or exceptions.)
--The idea of moving is both enticing....and exhausting! :)

And that's been about life in a nut shell. Add in a lil patio sunbathing when we've actually had sun, the animals are all doing alright currently, work meeting tomorrow, and just staying on top of all the details! Definitely been lots going on!


  1. Sounds like you have been busy! I think it is great that you didn't settle for a job just because you got a job offer. I think it is good you put your foot down with your housemate. I mean, if they can't take care of their animal, it really is non-negotiable. I mean, it is your house after all :-)

    1. Thanks lady--you're the best! :) Your support is always awesome so I appreciate it! Seriously conflicted about current job situation but trying to take it all in stride--we'll see. Love that you guys are getting the kids out and about btw!! Hope things are well over there!

  2. Sorry to hear about the awkward situation with your roommate. That really sucks and I hope she can move out soon! I am glad you have a potential flatmate lined up though!

    Sounds like your month has been busy, fun, and stressful with the job stuff. I hope you get a feeling of peace when you make your next decision related to your job.

    And thanks for believing that things are going to get better for me. I am starting to struggle to believe that will be the case, but hopefully things start to improve soon.

    1. Thanks Lisa--a feeling of peace would be great. Both for you and for me. Things will look up for you--I promise. I hated hearing that at the time though too and I still don't trust that it's all going to work out. So don't feel like you have to feel that way, but know that in my heart and gut, I know it's true for you! Sending MUCH love your way!