Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Mom & Sis Beach Trip

After my return from rafting trip, Mom headed out late the next morning to the family beach house. I wanted to mow and get the house/yard in order, plus get a work-out in before I headed out. I met Mom at the beach house probably around 5 that first night and after getting situated, we loaded the dogs back up and headed down for a walk on the beach.

View of the rock at Pacific City

Mom walking onto the beach.

There are two spots that frequently accumulate sand dollars washed up on the shore. This particular evening we were able to find three.

I love this picture of the rock & cape with Roxi enjoying the waves in the foreground.

Dogs & I--these crazy biotches have been my life preservers

After the walk, we headed back up to the house and spent some time chatting before getting ready for bed. The next morning I woke up fairly early and sat enjoying my coffee and the views from the large windows. The weather had been showering so it was always nice to see breaks from the rain! My sister got there about 930am and so the three of us were able to do some initial catching up. I hadn't seen my sister since January and for multiple reasons we haven't interacted with each other much in the last year or so, so in some ways it was sort of nice to work on putting our differences aside and spend some time enjoying and loving on each other. I left the house about noon to head part of the way back toward the valley for my interview and I really enjoyed the drive both ways. The windy narrow roads with single lane bridges have some amazing river scenery! On my return trip I realized the rain was partly subsiding, so I leashed the dogs up and took them for a run down to the cape and along the beach, while Mom and sis drove down and met us there for walking. 

Mom and sis searching for beach treasures

Dogs and I post run

Sis, Mom, & I on the beach

Once beach time was done, we drove back up to the house so I could take a quick shower and stow the dogs in the entryway, and then we drove back down to the cape to eat dinner at the Pelican Pub. I used to think the Pelican Pub was overpriced, and while I still feel that way about some of their drinks (plus I'm not a huge fan of their beers), I feel like their food has gotten much better in the last few years! I had some pretty delish fish tacos. 

After dinner, we were stuffed and headed back up to the house. More chat time before bed and in the morning, and then we cleaned & vacuumed the house before heading back to the valley late morning.

Altogether a quick trip, but with beautiful views, great moments just spending time with each other, and tons of sea air! Here's hoping we can do it again!

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