Sunday, July 7, 2013

Life: Fun as We Know It!

Blogging has become the last thing I'm focusing on right now cause instead I've been too busy getting out and just soaking up LIFE. (Not to say that blogging isn't soaking it up though....but for me, it's harder to come home and have the energy to write about it all sometimes....)

QUICK GENERAL UPDATE: Still no real movement on the job front. Luckily (maybe? I guess financially not...), I didn't get my old veterans job. It came down to two of us and they went with new blood, which was probably better since my heart wasn't really in it. Still no real word from the other job I wanted, even though I checked in with them over a week ago, so I'm thinking that's not a good sign. I applied for another job here locally that would be an AMAZING step but it's sort of a step up out of my league so not so sure I could get it... Still looking and going to be applying for temp office jobs here soon to try to get some finances coming in. Housemate L moves out in 8 days, as it's looking like she'll be here the full time she'd originally thought. I lost the great option cause I couldn't guarantee him I'd be here all six months he needed. I've posted an ad for another housemate, hopefully someone decent for a short term gig will come thru.

So let's get to the fun!

First, there was a BACKPACKING Trip with regular D and the dogs. We hiked Badger Creek Trail up to Badger Lake. Since it was an overnight during the week, we pretty much had the place to ourselves. The trail was pretty overgrown in sections and steady incline, but we made it and we had a lot of fun in the process. Luckily my feet held out, but man somehow toning up made carrying a pack actually feel harder! I missed having extra padding on my collar bones and my leg muscles were tired!

Then there's been a lot of HIKING:

Tall D is currently in Washington for three weeks for his Reserve summer training duty. He gets a few days off though so we've met half way to do a couple day hikes. First one we did was to try to summit TATOOSH TRAIL to get up to the lake, however we hit snow coming across the trail near the end and unfortunately had to turn back. BUT we still had a great day in the process: the views were incredible, the drive up made me so happy for my AWD Sorento and to be on rutty gravel high mountain roads, it was great to explore a new forest area, and we had a lil brisk swim/wading in the cold creek post-hike to wash some of the sweat and stench off. :) Ended the day/evening with a late dinner at a lil Christian diner near our mutual exits (BL(A)T done right!!). (We'd intended to do an overnight in the Olympic National Forest which I've always wanted to explore but typical Army fashion, he got tasked out to work a two hour shift on his final day off.... :))

Maybe half-way, we made it to that snow over there...
after already going straight uphill about 2 miles! :)
Look at those views!
Sitting along the creek....

Yesterday we met up again and drove up to the BLUE LAKE trailhead (not to be confused with Blue Lake in Oregon outside of Portland). This was a 1700ft incline over 2.5 miles up to the lake, but the trail followed a gorgeous creek and the lake was AMAZING! It had been overcast in the morning but was sunny by the time we turned off for the trailhead. The lake was warm enough to get in but probably not warm enough for swimming just yet. We waded through the gorgeous water to a large rock out from shore where we and the dogs sat in the sun to eat lunch and just lazily chat. We waded back once the shade started approaching and high tailed it back down trail to warm up again, and then stopped for dinner at a lil Mexican joint (our fave) on the way back to collect my car. Again, a totally awesome day together with a gorgeous lake and views.

Look at that water! It was like finding the tropics (with a chill) in the mountains! :)

And then last but not least I had an absolute BLAST with having my gal Christina in town. We seriously  enjoyed some fun stuff, laughed a ton, and spent some great quality time together: birthday dinner at her parents, a day hike with the girls around Twin Lakes with a brewery dinner on the mountain, a day of kayaking around Ross Island and my first bike ride in 12 years along Spring Water corridor, and breakfast at Stepping Stone. I seriously loved having this gal here and am secretly hoping she might end up back home here in the PNW in the next few years. ;)

Upper Twin Lakes with Mt Hood in the distance. I snowshoed here with the dogs this winter...makes a great summer hike/camp spot and the Lower Twin Lake looked great for swimming!

Love these ladies and totally gorgeous views!

This kayak experience was AWESOME! Definitely much easier in my own kayak and a great way to spend the morning!

Add into all this some YARD WORK (keeping up with massive watering for the raised beds and transplanted/newly planted bushes, plus general weeding/mowing/maintenance), having my BROTHER visit one Saturday to bring the bike and go on a Costco run, hosting the extended family for a FOURTH OF JULY BBQ, some great HAMMOCK reading time under the kiwi tree, some SUN BATHING with the dogs on the patio, some BREWS DOWNTOWN with D and/or other friends. I've been trying to LIVE IT UP with the notion that I might be getting a job and trying to soak up the awesomeness of the PNW...but we'll see if that job ever arrives. Although in good news, I also went to a WORK MEETING and was able to add an extra class for fall so financially once Fall Term starts I should be able to make it if I have a housemate....

I'm looking forward to: more HIKING, arrival of produce for CANNING/PRESERVING, READING, and just the general day in and day out of existing. #YOLO! :) Ha, oh man!

Hope y'all have been well and enjoying summer in your neck of the woods wherever that may be!


  1. I have said it before and I will say it again - you are so lucky to live in such a beautiful area of the country!! I am envious! I am glad you have been having fun this summer - I am sure that offsets some of the stress of the uncertainty of your work life...

  2. I feel exhausted just reading this post. I am happy for you that you are able to enjoy being outside so much at his time of year. While I hope that you find the job you want soon, spending time as you have been lately is probably just what you need. May your fun continue through the summer.

    As for the blogging (I haven't posted for two weeks) sometimes life is such that I don't feel like posting. I haven't been busy like you but blogging has taken a back seat for a while. Blogging is great but living a life that is so full that you don't have much time left for posting is even better!