Thursday, July 25, 2013

Mid-Summer Outfits

A couple outfits from this summer, several of which are from the thrifted fare:
Breakfast w C & Adam:
The mornings have been chillier here while the afternoons/evenings are H-O-T (ok, hot for Oregon), so a cardigan came in handy in the morning for brunch at Mother's downtown.

Errands this week:
I've got mixed thoughts about this jean dress as it's a size too large and the sewing machine malfunctioned when Mom was going to try to take it in a bit...but I like to think that a belt helps...but maybe that's just me :) At the very least, it defines a waist and sort of modernizes the look a bit.

Drinks w baby cousin:
My cousins, aunt, and I took the baby cousin out for a belated 21 year old drink! I don't know that this is actually the most flattering dress on me, but the loose light-weight fabric was great on a HOT evening and the sandals seemed to dress it down.

Errands & Yard Work at the aunt's:
Woke up to a text from my aunt that I'm closest to wanting to know if I wanted to come up to help her pick blueberries off their bushes, which usually means that she's hoping to chat too. So I skeddadled out of bed and into this older combo for berry picking...and then we deadheaded Poppa's old rose garden too. (Obviously the dogs were hopeful they'd get to go too...)

I'm sure there will be many more combos too. The last few weeks have found me out of my work-out gear more often than not, especially as I try to put these new dresses to use!

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  1. I think the belt makes that jean dress looks great! And I like the green dress you wore out for your cousin's bday drink. You look great in all of these looks!