Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Early August Randoms.....

....and yup, I'm so tired that that is as creative as a post title that any of you still reading are going to get! :)

Quick update of randoms:

---Life has been a whirlwind...obviously! Had lots of family coming and goings to celebrate Granny's 102nd birthday. Can hardly believe she's really that old and sure was great to have extra family time. (Potentially this will all be a post on its own.) We had our regular ladies tea party for Granny, there was a BBQ for my cousin and his wife who were visiting, some BrewFest action with same cousin, wife, and his parents (which are my aunt & uncle I'm closest to overall up here), two celebrations for my baby cousin's very belated 21, and Mom was here that particular weekend. That same week prior Granny had been here for her regular baking day and we made cookies, muffins, and mini-quiches---DELISH!

---In that same week my baby cousin spoiled me with a full body massage (given on the picnic table on the patio with the breezes swaying and the birds chirping---DIVINE!). The massage was well needed because my back had started to seize up the week before and I had been struggling with it. The massage loosened up everything and enabled me to be able to work out again. Although I've been struggling with some muscle tightness off and on since then. Trying to remember to stretch, hydrate, and use the foam roller that is on loan.

---I've gone on a couple other bike rides in the last month and honestly am finally falling in love with the idea of bike transport. It's taken me years and years.....but I might officially be there. There also was a trail run with Tall D, which turned into a 8 mile run and 11 total miles traveled for me---was loads of fun and made me fall in love with the easy accessibility of Forest Park. And there have been a few other jogs in there too.

---Signed up for a massage career preview day. Not sure how I'd fund the program at all, but it's still sounding appealing and would just be one year.... Also have three contacts to engage with to ask questions, etc.

---Have two housemates currently for August. Both are guys. One is married and his wife was here this last weekend. Both seem like they will be great short term options (one will be here until Sept 4th, the other until Sept 15th) Have another ad posted for after them.....

---Canned peaches. (Started this at 11pm with mom and I finished at 1:30am. Called Tall D at 1215am for a refresher on how to use the canner :)) Canned green beans. (My Cali housemate was quite intrigued and watched the whole process from start to finish.) Froze lots of peaches and blueberries. Baked a lot in July. Dehydrated zukes.

---Floated the river with the boys in July. Haven't seen much lately of regular D, but we're headed out for an overnighter backpacking trip today/tomorrow. Have been spending some time each week with Tall D--meeting up for dinner & a movie (The Great Gatsby shouldn't have been a flop!!, The Intern was funny, and Admissions (rental) was okay), the trail run, finally went shooting one day!, a couple afternoons of short term hanging out, etc.

---Still no job leads and right now the pickings for applying are slim. Hmm.....

---Had to drop Granny off in Salem today so my parents can take her down to stay with them for a few days. Stopped by to see one of my gals and her adorable lil girl. Hadn't seen them in over a year and it was so great to spend an afternoon catching up. Yesterday one of my favorite buddies from high school came over with his wife...and again it was so great to finally meet her and see him, as I haven't seen him in probably two years! It's always so nice to have those friends who regardless of the amount of time that passes, it's just as though no time has passed at all.

---This weekend there are two BBQs for my birthday. One on Saturday with my friends (which Tall D is tentatively providing a movie screen so we can try to watch a movie in the backyard AND is baking me one of his amazing carrot cakes from scratch!) and one on Sunday with my family. Friday evening my cousin and I are catching a local baseball game. Looking forward to all of the weekend!

---I've been working on the back yard then due to the upcoming BBQs. The patio got rearranged and twinkle lights were put up. Lights got added to under the kiwi and the bush itself got trimmed. The mulch finally got spread, bushes got whacked back and fertilized, and a few things were rearranged. The coop got a paint job (and I've been hemming and hawing about whether or not to bite the bullet again....). There are a few other lil jobs I want to finish (more mulch, mason jar lanterns, wheelbarrow drink container, and creating a half wall with cinder blocks to block the dogs), plus I've been collecting pallets for Tall D eventually to help me build some pallet chairs!

---still teaching online.....and there was a good bye work shindig for my gal R who is moving to a full-time faculty position in Eugene. Gonna miss that lady!

---and I've been eating more meat......but I swear my body is just craving protein and fruits/vegs these days. Still lower carbs and I'm back off the yogurt but keeping with kombucha on a weekly basis.

Anyway, how are all of you?! :)

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