Saturday, August 31, 2013

August Wrap-Up

Well folks, I'm trying not to get too excited or hopeful about life BUT....there have been a bunch of good lil things happening and being put into motion as of late.....

1) I applied to massage school. I have a meeting with admissions on Tuesday. I have to trust that I can afford it...and I'm still not 100% sure, BUT I'm hopeful in so many ways that this might be a great answer. I had a great meeting with a most beautiful woman who is a practicing therapist and that helped rid some of my concerns. I'm excited by the notion of learning something new and being able to help others via therapeutic touch.

2) I spent a weekend at my parents place that was well needed. Good for my soul...and I split the cost of driving with an old buddy R and we had a great time on the drive together. Also saw my gal Brook before she moved out of there and was able to enjoy a bit of the Blackberry Arts Festival.

3) I rented out both the rental room AND the guest room again for the rest of Sept-Dec. I have two gals that will transition in mid-month as the two guys transition out. I am holding my breath that this works out as intended and that the three of us mesh well.....but by renting out both spaces, I have much more of my financial needs covered.

4) Original housemate M is back in country for two weeks and we had an evening to touch base and chat. We came to a couple of agreements about when he intends to move back and how long he intends to be here, so again, hopeful that all will go smoothly. He'll be here later this week for another overnight in the guest room before he flies back out for Taiwan.

5) Current housemate T and I completed the rest of the Spring Water trail by bike, which was 30 miles and definitely the furthest I've rode a bike in a long, long time if not ever. It was a great day though and I'm glad to have crossed that off of my summer list! I also finally bought a helmet and lock, so hope to be able to use the bike for some close-by errands more readily.

6) Tall D rented paddleboards for the long weekend and we've spent the last two days practicing while driving around the area looking for smooth water! We're headed out again tomorrow but I'm seriously in heaven that he was able to pull this off :) Seriously, all smiles. We were planning originally to try to do an overnight backpacking trip, but I have been having an off week health wise so he decided we should stick around and not push it so hard (although I still got in my final 14 miles to make my 60 average a month goal! :)) This week we also spent a day down in Salem at the State Fair and we had a lot of fun! We checked out all the farm animals, rode the fair gondola, indulged in delish fried fair food, rode some rides, played some games (and I won the dogs stuffed puppies!), watched a dog demonstration, listened to some free music, and all around just enjoyed feeling like teenagers again. And I have to say....regardless of what all this time together means....this week, I've felt very, very spoiled and really just have had a great time.

7) My landlords are replacing the falling down corner fence....and the new roof was put on the house this month as well. We've also had some rain so my need to constantly water bushes/garden has lessened.

8) I'm continuing to be in love with trail running :)

9) My boss is switching out one of his 4 credit classes for one of my 3 credit ones. It'll be a lot more grading, but it also means between $500/1000 more this term. Have I mentioned that I love my boss? I also finally met up for dinner with a colleague who has been wanting to get together, and it was great getting to listen and get to know him a lil bit better. Still have full-time apps out as well....

SO again, trying not to get too hopeful in case of backfires or none of these good things actually pans out.....but I'm finally feeling a little bit of potential parting of the clouded skies....
....and there may have been a major worried plea to the Big Man that was lifted up while at my heart is slightly turning....


  1. I am so happy to hear that a string of good things have been happening for you. I know that the past year has held many challenges for you, so it's nice to read about things somewhat falling back into place for you. It gives me a little bit of hope - just a little - that the same might eventually be true for me.

  2. It sounds like you have had a great month with lots of fun activities! I hope it continues for you :-) Massage school? That sounds interesting! I think you will have friends coming out of the woodwork for you to practice on. Cheers to a good September as well!