Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Summer Staple: Thrifted Dresses

So y'all know that I love dresses and skirts anyway, but seriously this summer I feel like they're all I'm wearing....well that and work-out gear! Ironically, one of my housemates came home the other day and saw me still dressed in an actual dress and reported that I looked really nice...that's when it dawned on me that normally in the evenings when he comes home, I'm already in sweats or I'm still in work-out gear from yard work or working out! Ha-oh man! But so far this summer I've still been putting old staples and new thrifted skirts and dresses to work!

Swim-wear cover-up & unofficial good-bye party for a friend:
Usually I don't expose this much cleavage, but lately I've decided that as long as I'm covered I might as well rock it on occasion.....

Brew Fest attire:
Cargo skirt was perfect as I needed pockets to hold my phone & ID so I didn't have to take a clutch. Both the skirt and tank came from another friend's closet.

Family BBQ: 

Granny visit & sushi w housemate:

Dinner at friend's place;
This I honestly love. Felt like it looked good but was incredibly comfortable too. 

Drinks downtown with the guys:
I've been wanting to wear this downtown for drinks and finally had the opportunity to do so! Sometimes I feel like maybe it's a lil too young at this point, but I do really like the dress also!

Every single dress pictured was thrifted and as mentioned the skirt/tank combo came from the discard pile of a friend, so really only the cardigans and sandals in these pictures came new from a store---and that to me is a major score!


  1. I love all of those dresses! You look so great! I tend to wear a lot of dresses and skirts as well. I haven't worn as many this summer because it's been kind of rainy here and I have spent a lot of time in tennis shoes and I just couldn't bring myself to wear tennis shoes and dresses... But i plan on wearing a lot of dresses this fall!

  2. All cute dresses! I wish I could find such things at our thrift shops. Most of it seems like crappy old Hollister stuff or horribly outdated and worn.