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Here's a random compilation of things about me:

Life is best lived in the little moments. I've tended to be a goal oriented person (as they keep one moving forward) but truly there is nothing better than the simple moments of existence. Thus there's nothing quite as fulfilling as a summer peach with equal parts crisp skin and sweet flesh, seeing the lush greenness of the Oregon countryside, or having a moment with an individual in your life who "just gets it." I love sand under my feet, the smell of salt air, the mist of a waterfall, the roar of a river, sun kissing my skin, and the view from the top of a hillside I've just sweated up. I'm far from a "true" extreme outdoor sport-ist but you can frequently find me on hiking trails, getting some jogging miles in with my dogs in the suburbs, backpacking in the summer, kayaking a few times a year, and trying out new outdoor adventures. I'm passionate about many things, but the natural environment is something I hold dear and believe we should do our best to care for one of the most amazing gifts that God has provided us.

I am adjunct faculty at two local colleges, am a licensed massage therapist, and am in the process of finding the right fit for a PhD program. I find it immensely rewarding to help improve health outcomes for individuals and to try to create change on a larger scale as well. After years of different life paths sidetracking me, I'm also finally following my dreams of moving into the field of international health. Historically I've had a huge passion for health education regarding toxin exposures from everyday exposures, and while I still care a great deal about this topic, I'll readily admit that I've lost some of my advocacy lust. I'm still mindful of personal care product choices, drink out of Klean Kanteens rather than plastic bottles, use healthier home cleaning products, focus on purchasing organic goods or grow my own, & in the summer I u-pick & preserve a ton of produce to get me through the winters. As a health educator, I feel its incredibly important to walk my talk.

In a nutshell you could say that I'm an Oregon, natural living, health educating, outdoor lover. I believe in things like recycling, thrifting, universal health care, farm fresh produce, public transportation options, and educational equity. I enjoy working with what one has to create great outfits and a comfortable, restorative home, so on occasion I'll post about thrifty adventures. I'm a big fan of the evening smoothie, harvesting backyard veggies/fruits/eggs, and a good sweat session in natural settings. I like the idea of natural childbirth & parenting, adopting, and getting kids away from technology and engaged in nature. Still on the bucket list: more traveling, have/adopt kids, try scuba, host international students, more outdoor adventures, more education, and to continue to make a difference on this Earth. Life is constantly evolving and re-evaluation seems to always be a part of that process.

Posts here vary but tend to be about daily life updates, outdoor adventure photos, garden/home preserving tracking, simple living, thrifty fashion/home decor, memorable moments, and other food for thought. Any friendly reader is welcome and thanks for caring, commenting, and sharing! :)

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  1. Hey lady, I just realized I can't respond to your comments on my blog because your profile is set up as no reply blogger. Anyway, I had this issue a while back myself and posted blog on how to change it so folks can respond back to you. Also, I'd just like to have your email in general. :) Hope your December is going well!