Thursday, August 28, 2014

Where Has the Summer Gone?

So technically this picture is from earlier this summer, but since the scene is pretty much the same this evening I figured I could use it just now. 

The summer has been a blur...literally. I can't even remember who all and where all and what all I saw and did. In the coming weeks, I may try to recap as I do like to use the blog as a running record of experiences and insights, but then again, I also might not choose to worry about it. 

We're headed toward September and I honestly couldn't be happier. I'm ready for fall. I'm ready for a change in season, a change in pace of life, and a change in (well technically the first word that came to mind here was direction.....) so let's just say a break. Technically I won't truly get a a break until December (which is when I need to study for massage licensing exams), but after this coming week I will be back to three weeks of only having school and no work to attend. I'm tired. This summer has been FULL, and while it's been lovely in so many ways....I'm exhausted in a big, bad way. I've been taking four separate classes, teaching three separate courses, managing two renters in my house, maintaining the daily chores (chickens, dogs, cat, garden & yard watering), continuing to date, assisting with family endeavors, trying to increase mileage, attempting to pick/can/preserve produce, and making sure that I see everyone who has come through town this summer. It's been a lot....and yet I also know that I am so incredibly fortunate for every single one of the items that I just mentioned. This busyness means that I'm stimulated, I have a paycheck, I can pay my bills and have spent the summer living in great community, I've had wonderful individuals to spend time with, my legs and body continue to function, I come home every day to the happiest of dog smiles, I've canned & picked more than ever, and I am so fortunate to have amazing family & friends in my life and to live in a great home. The exhaustion and having too much to do will pass and eventually life will settle back down again in about half a year, but the moments along the way will continue to stick with me as memories of awesomeness. While it hasn't been the same level of immense joy as last summer, my soul and my mind have spent the last three months feeling really pretty content. It's been a great season all around.

So as we wrap up these final weeks of "Indian summer" with temperatures still hitting the 90s, I plan to look back with fondness on the months behind while looking forward to the opportunities that loom ahead. This weekend I'll wrap up my summer teaching courses, finish canning the rest of the pears, and finally accomplish one of my life goals of trying to learn to surf. I hope to spend most of next week trying to finalize the rest of the homework for my massage courses, so that truly all I'll need to worry about is attendance and final exams for the two weeks after. My teaching (4 sections of the same course) and student schedules (clinic, spa, & thai massage) for fall term are already set, so I'll also need to spend some time next week prepping my fall teaching courses. D is back in my life and we have two backpacking trips planned for the middle weekends in September and I have a goal of accomplishing 100 total miles for the month. The summer housemate left mid month and a new one will take her place in a week or so...hopefully staying until November. I've registered for two fall kayaking trips (October & November). And lately I've been getting into the seasonal transition desire to purge and organize the house again. The next several months will fly by but I'm excited by the prospect of what all they might hold...and I'm looking forward to these middle "easier" weeks directly ahead. Here's hoping that all continues to progress smoothly and that in no time we'll be walking on crunchy leaves, wearing sweaters, and cuddling by fires drinking cider! :)