The Life List

*Volunteer in Africa
Attempt surfing (Aug '14)
*Go on a kayak camping trip
*Learn to scuba dive
Try paddle boarding (Sept '13; June '14)
Buy a bike and relearn the ins/outs of biking
Complete a sprint tri
Revisit family & friends in Argentina (Dec '15)
Visit Matt & Haley in Canada (Aug '15)
Explore BC (Aug '15)
Explore the Olympic National Forest (Sept '14, Aug '15)
*Kayak the San Juan Islands
Take a trip across Europe
Pay off student loans
*Pay off car
*Become financially self-sufficient
Vacation somewhere tropical  (Zanzibar 6/15)
Go snorkeling again
Take a marine biology class/workshop again
Learn a third language (French, ASL)
Brush up my Spanish
(Thru?) Hike the Umpqua River Trail
Adopt an older Great Pyrenees
Save money for a house down payment/Buy a house
Hike/trail run the entire 30m Wildwood Trail in Forest Park in one day (3/14)
Participate in an actual half-marathon race (12/14)
Own a farm animal(s) (chickens '12, '14)
Learn more about alternative medicine (massage '14, naturopathic '14/15, ongoing)
Adopt a (or maybe have a biological) kid
Appreciate the zoo thru my child's eyes
Host an exchange student
Make a baby quilt again
Take a solo backpacking trip (5/15)
Travel to and explore Alaska
Travel the NE (eat lobster in ME 4/16 & see the fall leaves in Vermont)
Visit Yellowstone
Explore Jasper & Banff National Parks (Aug '15)
Explore Glacier National Park (Aug'15)
Explore National Parks of Utah
Roadtrip through Montana
Finish another educational program (massage: 2014)
Run 15 & 20 milers for fun (11/14 for 15)
Camp & hike at Yosemite
Visit Washington, DC (4/16) & NYC & Philadelphia
Focus on & maintain my health
Travel to Russia, India or China
Hike Machu Pichu
Kayak at Tybee Island
Spend a weekend in South Carolina
Explore New Orleans my way (9/16)
Run a race in another state

Travel to all seven continents (NASAAsiaEurope, Africa, Australia, Antarctica)

And some pretty awesome things that have happened already in life:
Visited Disney, Universal Studios & Epcot ('90)
Multiple cross-country road trips ('91, '07)
Saw theatre in London ('02)
Rode a train in Scotland ('02)
Learned to backpack ('11), kayak ('12), camp ('98), fish ('03), shoot ('97, '13)
Repelled down a hillside in Argentina ('01)
Snorkeled in the Florida Keys ('90)
Went white water rafting ('13)
Studied abroad ('00-01, '02)
Learned a second language ('00-01)
Completed a masters degree ('06, '09)
Learned to can/garden & raised chickens ('12)
Adopted pets ('09)
Published an academic article ('09)
Visited Stonehenge ('02)
Celebrated New Years in New Orleans ('11)
Watched the space shuttle return (early 90s)
Traveled solo internationally ('00-01, '02)
Completed half-marathon running distance ('12)
Went to the Grand Canyon ('07, '12), Yosemite ('07), & Crater Lake ('12)
Became a college instructor ('11)
Swam next to dolphins ('12)
Watched turtles hatch & migrate to the water ('88)
Started a book club ('11)
Read the entire Bible in a year ('07)
Bike the Spring Water Trail ('13)

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