The 2015-2018 Goal List

1) 850 miles
2) Acupuncture at least 1x/month
3) Work on fear of horses
4) Pay off credit card & car loan
5) Take GRE & apply to PhD programs
6) Work on Spanish tenses
7) Start 3rd language
8) Travel: new in & out of country (DC/NE April)
9) Kayak camping trip
10) Run a race in another state
11) Save $$ & work on student loans
12) Put guest room on AirBnB/Craigslist

1) Blog 5x monthly in 2015
2) Find a spiritual community (found but haven't joined routinely)
3) Truly attempt snowboarding (ie lessons)
5) Pass massage licensure process & secure secondary employment
6) Reduce (&maintain) credit card balance by 75% (made 50%)
7) Reduce car loan to less than $4000 (made within $4000 window)
8) Maintain health & work on regaining balance
9) ENJOY & EMBRACE who & what I already have
10) Continue renting rooms to others
11) Take 2 other people on new outdoor adventures
12) Try hot yoga
13) Take dogs on 2 backpacking trips
14) If possible, road trip to Matt & Haley's wedding

Regain financial independence
Pay off credit card--not happening but down some
Pay car loan to below $8k (close!)
Altered clothes challenge
Run 15 miler for fun (close enough 14.5 trail jog on Oct 31)
Finally try surfing (Aug 30)
Go kayaking again (April 26, May 17, May 24, July 9, July 13, Oct 25)
Backpack in Olympic Forest (Hiked Sept 14)
Hike/trail run entire Wildwood Trail (1 day) (Mar 1st)
Roadtrip somewhere out of Oregon (ONP--Sept 14
Run in official half marathon race (Dec 14)
Sprint tri in summer

2015-2018 Goal planning items
--Transition into international health (this might look different than I think)
--Try scuba diving & go snorkeling
--Visit Zion NP/Utah/AZ National Parks
--Work on my fear of horses
--Kayak camping trip
--Explore other natural areas of Oregon (Painted Hills, Rogue, Eastern Oregon, Steens)
--Do-over trip to NOLA, visit Maine, explore AK
--Pay off car/credit card fully
--Regain financial independence fully
--Start making dent in student loan debt
--Start saving for a down payment option
--Be open to meeting & continue praying for a true life partner
--Figure out other ways to SHARE my love of the outdoors
--Start a PhD program (potentially)
--Host an international student

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