Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Wowza...I love October but for real, how is it already here?! 2014 will be over before we know it.

Per usual there is much rattling around in my brain. Per usual there is much I want to write about and much I also don't want to convey. Instead I've been focusing a lot of energy on appreciation.

As I type, I lay in the hammock wrapped in thick sweaters, blankets, and boots, protected under the covered patio in the case of any rain drops. The sky is beautiful blue however and full of flowing fluffy white clouds. The trees from the backyard are still full of leaves although the neighborhood leaves are changing to their golden oranges, yellows, and brilliant reds. Anna lays on the patio contentedly while Roxi whines from inside in the moments she thinks she might be missing something. The chickens cluck from the coop annoyed to spend their Tues-Thurs unable to range free in the yard. Major & Roxi both just had trips to the vet but the final outcomes were hopeful and promising. I'm actually looking forward to doing a bit of grading from the comfort of my hammock cocoon this afternoon. Life feels......content, satisfied, and manageable.

I spent Monday in the yard. Cleaning out the coop, washing out the lil chick coop, moving all four of the chickens into the main one. Raking up pine needles and stuffing bucket after bucket of them into the yard debris barrel. Sweeping off the patios and rearranging all of the patio furniture. Moving the hammock and two chairs under the covered patio to hopefully extend their season of enjoyment. The yard was picked up, the cobwebs swept down, half the raised beds pulled apart, and the grape, kiwi, and marionberries trimmed back. Mental lists of additional yard chores to be completed in the coming weeks were created. The sun shone interspersed with moments of rain showers. After 5 hours in the yard, I'd headed across town to meet Tall D for our afternoon jog, to shower, and to meet a colleague for dinner. Thus the season of prepping, storing away, adjusting, and yet appreciating and adoring is fully in its sway.

At the moment I'm feeling grateful. I start my new (and final) learning term tomorrow evening. I'm enjoying the students that I'm teaching. I've connected with some great gals from my massage program and I've been re-engaging with my other local friends also. Book club comes in a few weeks and somehow I managed to devour five books last month. A new kayaking outing and a hike with an old housemate is on the docket. My total social media usage is down which encourages my connecting via old standard text and phone with many of those that I most love. I finished off September strong in miles which leaves me with three 80 mile months ahead. I'm thinking about what to set for goals and hopes for the year ahead--what's truly realistic, what will be enjoyable, and what might be dreams that I need to let go of. I'm feeling life that I've most my years dreaming of...might be truly possible.....even if it's going to take a mix of patience, striving, & acceptance to get there in the long run.

I'm back to praying. Occasionally I find myself in the Word. And on Sunday I went to church and was again greeted with a message that was so perfectly timed for what I needed to hear. Sometimes my faith feels....lacking.....but I continue to feel my heart working and my feet trying to steady upon a more "right" path. There's something about the fall that always brings me back toward His graces....

I'm hopeful that October will continue to find me....appreciating, adoring, and being content. Happiness can often be fleeting but striving for satisfaction is a goal worthy of creating. Much love to you and yours if you continue to be reading :)