Thursday, May 15, 2014

Mid May Life in a Nut Shell

One reason I rarely blog sometimes is because I get anal-retentive about wording....and it ends up taking me an hour or so to just write a post sometimes.....

So here's an attempt at a quick one with the promise that I'll actually READ others blogs sometime in the next week:

--Arbor is basically complete. My brother came back this last weekend and we literally had a great time together finishing construction and demo. We're going to add three more boards around the middle for extra support and then Dad has to bring up his saw so we can cut off the ends of the posts, but it looks so much better. Can't wait to secure some sort of a hammock situation under there again.

--Housemate M has started moving out. He'll be completely out on Saturday. Classmate will start moving her storage shed contents into the garage over Memorial Day and then will slowly start moving in during the month of June. Emailed my AirBnB gal yesterday to let her know of the changes and she's still on board. So....I'm not exhaling completely until the end of June BUT things could potentially stabilize a bit for the summer at least.... Here's hoping!

--The schedule for massage courses for the summer came out this week. It looks like I can bunch courses so that I'll just be on campus for two days. So I'll either be teaching or in school M-W or T-Th. That gives long weekends for grading, yard stuff, family stuff, and hopefully some play....

--Yesterday I blew off the sustainability discussion group. I've been stressed this week with housemate stuff, my midterm that was on Tuesday, lots of grading, yard projects that needed to get done before summer arrived, and my interview that is tomorrow (eek!). But I seriously just needed a day to myself and to do some of the stuff that I love doing but haven't had as much time to do the dogs and I went to a new regional trail and ran four hot, hilly miles, I laid on the patio while I prepped for the interview, I texted with my dad, and then I took the chickies out for their first outdoor exposure. It seriously was a much needed day and afternoon. (I also weeded, cleaned up around the house, did some work, etc...but there was much relaxation...)

--The chickies continue to be thriving. We've had some really hot days the last two days so it's been difficult to figure out what to do about the temperature for them, but so far they're continuing to do ok and be highly entertaining. These three have such distinct personalities :) My brother is coming back this weekend for us to finish the coop project.

--Beyond the four miler yesterday, the dogs and I logged a 7 miler on Sunday. It was the first outing I've had that while still slow, I actually felt really solid about it. It made me feel like....I'm making a come back.

--I've also gotten together with a few of my massage classmates in the last few weeks and that's been nice. Always an interesting bunch of personalities but rewarding all the same.

--I've been thinking a lot about how happy I was last spring. I know WHY I was happier last spring and while I definitely feel content with life (but still stressed), I'd like to get to that level of happiness and just pure joy on my own again without external sources influencing my happiness. Maybe this is my newest goal.... :)

--Book club with the gals is on Saturday--so looking forward to seeing them again. And the next kayaking outing is this weekend also. Lots of grading to get through this weekend but lots of good things also!

Continuing to focus on the positives!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

One Week Into May Already!

Apparently I need bed rest and a social media cleanse in order to be an active blogger :)

But all jokes aside, per usual, I've wanted to write some things down multiple times in the last few weeks. I'm still regaining in energy levels and trying to get my head and life organized, but I definitely have a bit more energy and organization that I did at the beginning of the term. Ironically, spring term for the regular university schedule is already halfway thru--say what?! I seriously cannot believe how fast this term has been flying by! It's going to be over before I truly feel on top of things :)

But let's see if I can try to recap the highlights of the last few weeks, if only for my own knowledge:

--My brother and his lady came on Saturday and we started round one of arbor construction and coop moving. I sort of thought the arbor would only take one day but I think we should be able to knock the rest of it out this weekend (if the rain cooperates) and it'll be awesome if we can get both it and the coop situated. It's so exciting to think of having my outdoor projects getting completed :)

--I bought three little chicks. Technically they're all supposed to be Ameracauna's which lay pastel (like Easter) eggs and are supposed to be quieter....but one could be something else or maybe just the wheaten variety :) So far, they're growing like crazy and at 1.5 weeks in they've all survived thus far. The dogs absolutely love checking on them.

--Lil Alex and grandma left on the 30th. It seriously was fun having him here and grandma and I especially bonded over the last few weeks, so it was a little sad to have them leave. Since they left, I've barely seen Housemate M but I'm not's also sort of nice to have my house back some. My classmate is still trying to figure out if she can financially make the move happen, but I'm hoping and praying still that it'll be possible. I'd really like to not have to worry as much about housing for the next six months if possible. One of the guys from last summer sent a text yesterday asking about availability as he's contemplating coming back for a few weeks also, but we'll see. Still trying to figure out how to decrease overall life stressors....

--Reg D and I met for beers one evening last week and I so enjoy the moments I can have with that dude. As much as he and I would never be compatible as a couple, I so value his difference in opinion and hard living ways as a friend, and for days after we get together I'm thinking about the little tid bits that he gets me to think on. He pushes me to be a better version of myself and vice versa. It was a great evening together however, just sitting outside one of his local bars at a picnic table, finishing his environmental science homework, chatting about life and the future, sharing some laughs with another couple that sat with us for a bit, and soaking up the amazing sunshine we had that day. We also talked about trying to fit in a backpack trip this summer. Dude gets a little stuck between the ex and I (he lives with Tall D), but I appreciate the ways he tries to navigate both relationships.

--I've still been taking it easy in terms of work-outs as it takes me quite a few days to recoup my energy levels, but one thing Reg D did get me to think about is the notion of not falling so far down on the horse that I completely lose all the training I had done before. In his infantryman way, his exact words were "come on, cowgirl up." Ha. But it was a good kick in the butt...and I had my first decent jog two days after we got together...a five miler watching the sunset behind a big empty field... I also wanted to go hiking on Sunday but due to weather/schedule wasn't able to but due to a few things that happened that day I knew I needed to get a work-out in so I decided to try one of the Insanity DVDs. I definitely have felt my muscles in the two days since then...but I also feel stronger and healthier as a result. I might try to do a bit more Insanity rather than focusing on so much running then. In looking at pictures of myself from the last year, I've also realized that I looked healthier last summer when I ran less, ate more crap, and cross trained with Insanity a bit I might try to get back there a bit.... :)

--In other news....I've been talking to a new guy. It might go no where....but for now it's great to feel myself moving forward and to feel hopeful for the future, whether that's a lifetime of being content as a solo female or whether that means someday being in a committed couple again. I truly feel like that period of Lent did what I hoped and that I was able to process through and grieve the rest of what I had yet to deal with. I also had some significant "aha" moments this last weekend where I finally listened to what my inner voice had been telling me in regards to what else happened in the past. Not fun things to realize (so I was glad I could dig holes and demo some stuff), but it also finally made me realize that my "gut instinct" always was correct, no matter how much I was led to try to doubt it---nice to know that maybe there's more to trust in myself! Regardless, the more I talk to this newer individual, the more hope I have that there are others out there who share my same values and general outlook while still being very different--woot woot! He also has been a tri athlete and marathoner in the past so he's been very helpful with getting me to think about dietary and health concerns :)

--Granny spent a great afternoon soaking up the sun on my back patio while I worked out in the backyard one day. She's been spending a lot of time down at my parent's, as it's harder for us to leave her solo in her apartment these days. At this point, she truly needs to be living with someone else, but that final decision has yet to be made. As much as I love that little woman, it's been nice having a bit more free time rather than having to worry and stress about making sure she's taken care of, etc. She loved the afternoon on the patio however and it was cute watching her rotate chairs to get more sun.

--We had two amazing days of sunshine last week, so I went ahead and planted more of the garden (second attempt at some seeds and other starts). So far the garlic and rhubarb is already going crazy. The marionberries I was able to clean up. The new bed I created has been seeded with some lettuce, cukes, and then zuke starts. The leeks, chives, and strawberries are all going crazy in one bed and I have radishes, beets, lettuce, kale, carrots, and spinach reseeded in the rest of that one. The last bed has brussel sprout and broccoli starts and I just seeded peas, bush beans, and more cucumbers. One artichoke start was planted and I have one cherry tomato for the front. I'll still have to get more tomatoes, some onions, and a few other things. I'm trying to figure out where to try corn this year also. It's my goal to freeze and can more from the garden and from local U-picks this year. I've been keeping in mind what I've used this year so I can accurately acquire correct amounts for next year....and I'm also hopeful to hit up some of the people in the general neighborhood who have fruit trees but don't use the produce....

--I was assigned three classes for summer term. That's a quarter reduction in my overall load (& paycheck) but compared to the one class I got last summer, I really can't complain! I also get to teach the health part of the online fitness course for the first time so I'm pretty stoked to teach something new (that I'm also really passionate about). As long as I get two renters in the house and try to live fairly frugally, then I should be able to make it through---Oct (and this June) might be tight but I'm trying to plan ahead as much as possible.

--I had my first kayaking outing through the community ed courses a few weeks ago, and it was pretty awesome to get back out on the water. I'm registered for two more this month and I'm trying to convince my one aunt to join as I learned in the last few months that kayaking is on her bucket list. I'm planning on doing more of the outdoor/community ed courses this summer (and I'm crossing my fingers that they'll offer an intro surfing course!!). It's a great way to get outdoors and also get to do so for free via my tuition waivers. I'm also halfway through a two week first aid/CPR course that I need for my massage board exam. It's been nice to be refreshing on those skills as well.

--And while there have been a lot of awesome social, learning, and other things going on. I'm not going to lie, I know part of my disorganization is because I'm still trying to juggle too many things at once and still have too high of expectations for myself. I'm hopeful that this summer will be a bit more streamlined with housing, massage school, and teaching, and that any extra things will feel fun rather than other things to try to manage and get to. :) I know it's all just a change in perception also, but my brain is sometimes trying to juggle so many separate camps right now that it just doesn't know what to do! :) But hopefully this summer will finalize my medical stuff, allow for settling of the house, create a bit more stabilization for work and finances, etc. I'm also gently trying to be okay with the fact that there's no way I'm going to make my financial goals for this credit card will not get paid of at all and while a recent argument with my mother assured me that I will in fact be as stubborn as an ox in figuring out my financial situation, I won't be able to even come close to actually being financially independent (ie not have to rent rooms and have enough income to feel "ok") probably until March or so of 2015. I hate these facts, but based on the current course of action and life factors, I need to stop stressing over the details and just accept that things WILL eventually get to where I want them to be...if I would truly let myself do this, then there'd be a lot less stress, more patience, more enjoyment, etc. But all things considered, as of mid-June, some of the outside family obligations, interview stuff, potential perception shifts, medical procedures, and other random extras should be completed also. So as much as I hate trying to just get through the weeks..I'm looking forward to the mid-to-end of June and what will hopefully be an enjoyable summer... :)

Hope each of you has been doing well!