Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Day In the Life

So I've always loved when people do these "A Day in the Life" posts and it's been a long time since I've done one, so here's attempting:

7:15am Woke up to housemate's dog yipping at being kenneled. Got up.
7:20am Feed dogs, make and drink coffee, text check-ins, check on stuff around the house.

8:15am Begin vacuuming dog hair out of car & generally cleaning interior.
Break---10am to eat yogurt.
10:50am Finally finished (well 85% of dog hair is gone...). Sweep garage out. Put out recycling and garbage cans.
11:10am Vacuum house, spray baseboards with ant spray, freshen up cut flowers in house, take care of pet food needs, clean out fridge.
11:40am Get on computer. Email another supervisor about adding another fall class and check online course. Read other's blog posts. Text old coworker a question. Clean out email and look at jobs. Break for another yogurt. Apply for a job. Research local berry farms. Look up what I have to do to maintain/renew my teaching license.
1:50pm Put computer away. Check on dogs outside. Get dressed and put on face for day.

2:10pm Head out to Granny's.
2:30pm Arrive at Granny's. Grab her a hat and bottle of water. Tell her what we're doing this afternoon. Get her dirty laundry and load all into car. Head for berry farm.
2:45pm Arrive at U-Pick berry farm. Ask questions. Grab buckets. Granny was a trooper and walked the gravel road (with walker) to the blueberries. Start picking. Move Granny into shade as precaution and she points me to another section. Head to other section. Check on Granny and have her drink some water. Head to another section. Once bucket full round Granny up and head back gravel road.

4:40pm Load Granny into car with AC. Go back in and check out. Order Granny a blackberry milkshake. Tell her what time it is and ask if she wants to come over for dinner. Head for my house. Granny drinks milkshake en route and declares "I don't know what this is...but it's delicious!!" :)
5:05pm Stop at grocery store, answer phone call from Dad, and leave Granny with AC running.
5:25pm Get home. Unload Granny and get her situated inside. Put dogs up and Unload car. Start washing berries and laying on cooking sheets for freezing, while Granny snoozes. Put berries in freezer. Start Granny's laundry. Put away groceries.

6pm Start making banana bread from over ripe bananas. Granny wakes up and hangs out with Major. Start second load of laundry. Finish making banana bread and put in to bake. Make dinner. Wash pans so housemate can use them. Take out banana bread/muffins.

7pm Move Granny to table for dinner. Start eating.
7:30pm Dad arrives and joins us at table. Sit at table talking while Granny keeps working on hers. Feed her leftovers to dogs. Fold first set of laundry.
8:20pm Move Granny to upper patio and get her situated. Join Dad and Granny on patio for bit.

8:40pm Fold final load of laundry. Water raised beds. Move Granny's stuff to door for easy exit.
9pm Load Granny and Dad into car. Water front plants. Stop off at aunt's to look at her remodel. Take Granny home and get her situated.
10:20pm Get home. Dad goes to bed. Check on animals. Bag frozen berries. Bag banana muffins. Wash and dry pans.
11pm Shower---so good!
11:30pm Get on computer. Check work stuff. Return texts. Blog.
12am Bed.


  1. wow! how fun that you spend the day with your Granny (she is so cute!).
    also- you go to bed so late! lol, i would be dead to the world by 10pm :)

    (ps- blueberry picking- jealous!!)

  2. Oh my gosh - your grandma is ADORABLE. how fun that you got to spend the day with her! Sounds like a fun, fulfilling day! I have been meaning to do a day in the life post, but I need to pick a day that would not be a total snooze to read about. ;)

  3. What a lovely busy productive day. You have so much energy, I do get up a bit earlier than you but I like to be tucked up in my bed soon after 10pm if I can!
    Really jealous about the blueberry picking, they are so expensive here and sold in tiny little trays, nothing compared to the bucket that you picked.