Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Thrifting Scores

Four sundresses

A shirt dress & 3 other dresses

Another dress, the purple pants, a chambray button up and another work shirt

An off the shoulder sweater, a skirt.....
...and two more dresses not pictured....

SO 11 dresses, three tops, a skirt, and a pair of pants....
all for around $80-100.

Nothing new, all used....

Whether or not this equates to breaking the No Buy Challenge....well, maybe. I mean I did break down and decide I needed some more dresses but then again...nothing is new and I guess technically I didn't buy any of it....so I'm not sweating it. Plus I was getting tired of wearing the same three dresses All.the.time :)

Mom altered the gray sweater and the purple dress in the first picture so they don't show as much skin up top...and she's working on shortening a teal silk shirt dress (total old lady, but it looks hip on and will be great for teaching!) and adding some extra fabric to extend the length on another dress. But also, it's great to have a handful of new-to-me pieces that actually fit my current frame. I've still held on to all my old pants thinking that eventually I'm going to put weight back on, but so far we're looking at almost a year at this smaller size..... I'm incredibly fortunate that Mom has been able to take in so many pieces of my wardrobe! And now it's been great to have some new-to-me pieces that actually are designed to fit my current body size and shape--woohoo!

I love great deals....


  1. You got some great new pieces! I have never thrifted as it seems like you have to dig through a lot of stuff to find things, which is not my forte as I get shopping ADD big time. But I am glad you found some great looks!!

  2. I am impressed you are able to find such good things thriftiness. In Eugene the thriftiness pickings are slim. Occasionally I can find something at one of the good wills, but rarely ever at buffalo exchange. Also, I love the purple pants. I have some pinkish cords that are super comfy and aqua colored jeans I love. Otis fun to not always take ourselves too seriously, even in fashion. :)