Sunday, June 9, 2013

Couple New Outfit Combos

So this week has been more limited, as I dressed for the final lectures in more low key outfits that I've already posted before. Tuesday was the blue dress & cardigan combo from finals week here. And Wednesday had to transition to movies after class, so I wore this dress with a short black cardigan that was belted and black sandals. Both days students complimented by legs....which is why I almost always keep my work skirts/dresses to the knee. ;)

From the last two weeks, I mainly have three new combos to show ya.

Friday Work Mtg:
Rarely worn pink sweater over a white button-down w/ skinnies and flats. Inspired by this pin.

Errands & happy hour this last week:
Loved this. I'm also back to wearing flip flops quite frequently.

New look for errands: 
Generally I have a shorts aversion. I hate driving and looking down and seeing my thighs squish out. Don't hate me. I know my legs look good these days...but I still over-analyze my squishy spots (don't get me started on the stick-thin tweens who bemoaned needing to lose "a couple pounds" for their bikinis to fit....I'm pretty sure most females will never be completely satisfied with their bodies....ya for us...not) Anyway....end rant. Shorts went on as I'd seen a few pins that inspired me again.

And seriously the rest of the last two weeks, I've been in duplicate outfits, work-out/yardwork gear, or lounge clothes like this:

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  1. Those shorts look great on you, but I totally understand how you feel. I pretty much only wear shorts for running for the same reason!