Monday, March 25, 2013

Winter Term Wear: Final Weeks

Final Lecture: Tuesday

Final Lecture: Weds

Final Exam Proctor:

Casual Finals Week:

Casual Finals Week:

Term is over! Lots has happened--life is busy, busy.

General update: 
--I got the news on Saturday that I was waitlisted for the program in Denver, which ironically only has made me want it more. I can really see myself working with veterans as a career at this point, but not sure how the door is going to open.
--I also got word that I'm only going to be able to teach one online course this summer (enrollment is down, which means our offerings have to decrease)...which means no real income for the summer. Not a big deal if I was going to be moving, but since I'm waitlisted (and with less chance of a decent financial aid package at that....) then it means I have two months to find a new job for the summer.
--I'm realizing I love my job but am slightly bored after two years of doing the exact same thing.
--Housemate M got asked to move to Taiwan for work for 5-6 months. He moves end of May.
--I broke things off with B, as he was falling pretty fast...and I'm not there yet. In fact, for two days the idea of a real committed relationship left me on the verge of a panic attack. I feel bad though as B is a really, really great guy and deserves a really, really great gal.
--M & I are heading to the Redwoods/San Francisco for 4-5 days for my spring break. Mom & Dad are dog sitting--should be entertaining. 
--Life starts to get stable and then the rug slips a little more--I'm trying not to panic, but I hope to the dear Lord above that something final truly opens and stabilizes, so God, a lil help and direction and open doors would be nice. ;)

Hope y'all have been well. Blog reading has been nada as of late but thinking of all my bloggy friends for sure!

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  1. I hope that something gives and that you either find out for sure that you got into Denver or that you find another job opportunity in Portland. That is a lot to worry about!

    Bummer about having to break things off with B but feeling panic attacky is not good... It's tough to have to walk away from someone great, but it's good that you know what you are and aren't ready for...