Monday, April 1, 2013

Redwoods & San Francisco Trip

Had a great trip south last week. As much as I didn't want to spend any money to go, it seriously fed my soul to get out of town, to see old friends, and to explore some new territory---all things that always make me happy.

The housemate and I survived the 4 days of driving together and the middle day in SF, but we also learned many new things about each other :) Haha, and I had to come to realize even more that I have some slight (ahem) control issues about driving. We had a lot of fun together, but I'm not going to lie, the trip made me think (and miss) a lot about the ex also.

So what exactly did we do?

Well day 1 we left Portland about 7am and drove the four hours to my parents where we swapped my cross-over for their prius and left the dogs in their care. On the way though we stopped at a great little beach to let the dogs run & we had coffee & donuts:
We had beautiful coastal views all the way down 101 and we spent the first night camping in the redwoods. We set up the tent in the dark and I was exhausted so went straight to bed. The next day we got up and explored some of the more well-known larger trees: Tall Tree & Founders Tree. It was so awesome walking and camping among the redwoods--definitely something I've always wanted to do!
We got to Oakland about 8pm that night and I was able to spend an hour or so chatting with my gal C and her fiance, who kindly let us stay in their amazing home. We unfortunately didn't get much time with them due to their work schedules, an unfortunate event that had occurred in their social circle, and my other social plans....but I was so glad to get a few moments to enjoy them all the same.

On Thursday we got up and drove to the Golden Gate Bridge where we met up with Wali-G, (who is an old Army friend of the ex) and who is working in Bolinas as a farm intern. The three of us walked across the bridge and back and were fortunate to have amazing weather & views:
From there, the housemate and I drove to Berkeley to meet up with my gal E who just moved down to the Bay Area. I've always wanted to explore Berkeley and it was different than I could have imagined, but I absolutely loved it. After lunch, E and I wandered the Farmer's Market and settled down in the sun to catch up on the last month or two. From there the three of us wandered around the Berkeley campus and the area next to the college. About 7pm, E took off to meet her hub back home, and M & I met up with another old friend of mine and her fiance. It was so great to see S (and meet her guy), as I hadn't seen her in TEN years! M and the fiance hit it off also once they established "mutual nerdness" as the housemate phrased it ;)

On Friday, M & I got up, packed, and headed into the Mission district of San Francisco for breakfast (The Pork Store Cafe). From there we went to Coit Tower, as I'd never been and M wanted me to see great views of the city:
It was an absolutely beautiful day again, so from there we headed North across the bridge to Hwy 1 to find some trails along the coast in the Muir Woods area that I'd read about from a Bay Area blogger. M and I changed and headed out and UP as the fog rolled in. It was an absolutely beautiful trail along the coastline....that kicked our butts! ;)
After the trail run/hike, we cut back over to 101 and drove until we stopped at a hotel just south of Eureka. It was amazing to wake up so well rested the next day and ready to drive back up 101 to swap cars back, load up the furballs, and drive the rest of the route back home. 

Yesterday was a great day that started off early, included a 6.5 mile run with the dogs while listening to Christian music, a wonderful Easter lunch with the fam, some great sunbathing and patio time, my nose deep in a book, some work completed, and just solo time being enjoyed while M was off at work.

But the best part of the trip (besides seeing so many dear friends!) was that it was M's first official road trip! :) LOVE new experiences!

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