Saturday, April 20, 2013

Baby Shower Awesome

If you've been a long time reader or you know me at all, then you know that baby showers just really aren't my thing. Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of celebrating a new life or adoption, BUT knowing what I know about environmental and toxin exposures/loads, it's incredibly challenging for me to go to most baby showers and see the gifts being given to new moms. Plastic for your kid to chew on?! Sigh. Special toxic lotions to rub on new babies skin?! Sigh. Potentially toxic covered new clothes/bedding/bags?! Sigh. Mass materialism at its finest?! Sigh. I think you're getting the theme, so I won't continue here.... :)

This weekend my gal E flew up from California for a baby shower in her honor however, and so regardless of any continued desire for seclusion, I sucked it up, figured out a gift, and headed across to the suburbs on the other side of the city....where I was happily surprised, not gonna lie. I shouldn't have been too surprised though, the two gals hosting were the same ones who coordinated her bridal shower and that also turned out equally enjoyable. Hands-down it was probably one of the best baby showers I've been to. 

The decorations were adorable:

The (alcoholic) drinks were delicious: 

The craft was useful, fun, and adorable:
(We made iron-on onesies in varying sizes.) 

The brunch food was delicious (creme brulee french toast bake, argula salad, two types of frittatas, and a fruit salad) and then they even had these lil jams as party favors: 
Most the gifts given weren't too bad (in terms of potential health effects), especially in comparison to most baby showers I've attended. And it was also good to see a couple of the other book club gals/friends and E's friends as well. E isn't finding out the sex of the baby (LOVE!) and they're also struggling trying to choose it's been a lot of fun trying to offer all sorts of random suggestions :) 

What a great lil shower!!


  1. Yah I can't say I usually hear baby shower and awesome in the same sentence, unless it is the guest of honor talking about it. ;) I am glad you had fun! The jam favor is AWESOME! Looks like a fun day! I love that your friend isn't finding out the sex - that seems so uncommon these days! My siblings didn't find out the sex either - except for one and the doctor was wrong on it!

  2. Cute baby shower, and cute blog!!

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