Sunday, April 7, 2013

Woodburn Tulip Fest

C snagging a shot in a field of multicolored tulips.

M attempting some macro shots.

M's coworker/friend C is a big photography buff...and he loves to shop. Somehow mid-week or so I got it in mind to tell him about the Woodburn Tulip Festival that happens every spring (and the Woodburn Outlet Mall), which led to his suggestion that the three of us (C, M, & me) head down there on Saturday. I've been a bit reclusive and headed toward rock bottom lately, but M's pretty insistent on not letting me linger to close to the bottom edge for long....and so no matter my hesitation, Saturday morning M made breakfast for the three of us and then we loaded up in C's car. Neither M nor C leave the greater PDX area much, so it was fun to get them out of the city and exploring other areas of what Oregon has to offer (Woodburn is about 45 minutes from our side of PDX). Both guys enjoyed the fields of tulips and we spent about 1 to 1.5 hrs just wandering around the fields, which we happened to arrive between rain showers (although the incoming rain clouds made a great contrasting backdrop for the flowers!). 

After the Tulip Fest, we drove over to the Outlet Mall, where the guys happily went into shops looking for great deals. I tried to avoid most the stores (since I'm on the no-buy challenge and since I'm B-R-O-K-E), but let myself drool over the amazing spring shoes in Nine West....and gave in to M's adamant statement that he was going to buy me something regardless of whether I helped pick it out...and I let him get me this AWESOME faux python belt that I'd been eyeballing in the White House/Black Market window. Best part? It was on sale for just under $10! Once the guys were happy with their purchases, we made our way back to the car, and C drove us back to the house so that M & I could go pick Granny up and take her out for a very special lunch/dinner courtesy of M at Jake's Crawfish downtown. Jake's is 121 years old (it's only 20 years older than Granny) and while Granny didn't quite get the significance of the restaurant itself, she definitely appreciated the trip downtown and the amazingly delicious food! To say that M spoils is an understatement (he could write a book for men on how to treat/cherish/encourage women).

The rest of life heading south, I'll explain in another post, but let's leave this post focusing on the absolutely BEAUTIFUL Saturday. The tulips were amazing (my favorites!), helping C & M experience something new/different was fun, time with the two of them but no other pressure was soothing, and the evening with Granny was equally rewarding. We came home, cleaned the house, loved on the furries, I did some work, we watched some New Girl, and then called it a night. A great Saturday overall!

Hope each of you had a beautiful, restful, soul soothing day of your own!

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