Saturday, April 20, 2013

New Belt: Different Outfits

Here's the belt I fell in love with and agreed to let M purchase while we were at the Woodburn Outlet Stores a few weekends back. I had yet to wear it and it's a bit wider than I thought, but I was able to use it twice during the latter part of this week. Love it! (But then when don't I love animal prints?!)

Wore this to today's baby shower. This is the combination I first thought of when I saw the belt.

Wednesday night teaching: 
Not my favorite via the photo, but it was a new combo and incredibly easy!

And then not that this takes much effort, but I totally intend to be rocking this easy look multiple times as we start getting into better spring weather: 

So far, the belt is the only new "purchased" item this year although it was technically gifted. Not bad for being four months into the year though! Cleaning out my closet again is on my to-do list, but at least 90% of the items in there I feel like I do wear at this point. I'm thinking about weeding out the items I'm not drawn to/don't wear frequently and putting them in a storage area to see how I do without them. If I don't miss them and I don't feel like my wardrobe is missing them, then donated they'll be. I have quite a few items still hanging in another closet and if I keep putting padding back on then I might be back in my work pants sooner rather than later. All of that stuff I'll continue to hold onto for at least another six months, as I'm sure I'll get back up to my old body frame albeit still healthy. It's amazing how slimming down though, starts to make you worried about getting back to what also was healthy...

The other thing I've realized I need to do however is to take the time to come up with new outfit combinations. Just standing in front of my closet today, I kept thinking about trying x, y, and z together and wondering why I hadn't yet. How come our brains don't do that when we're running five minutes behind schedule and are in a rush to get dressed/out the door?! :)

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  1. I love that shirt dress!
    I'm always drawn to them at the store but I can't make them fit right. I either look like I'm busting out of the top or I look homeless. Damn you shirt dresses, why won't you let me look great?

    I'm not a big animal print person either, but I do like them in accessories. I have a pair of leopard print heels that I wear all the time.