Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Memorable Moments 4

A few things as of late to make me smile, laugh, or just pause in enjoyment:

---A moment with Anna, when I whispered to her that she's my best friend and she licked my face in return....officially crossing me from dog hater to owner to lover.

---Having the housemate come home after my frustrating evening course with a giant cookie & ice cream to brighten my mood. And another night when he brought a bouquet of gorgeous tulips (my favorites).

---A longer than usual jog that felt and left me wondering about returning to train for another half.

---Hearing the arrival and pass of a large bird in flight. No other sound nearby. Just the bird approaching and passing overhead in the middle of the snowy woods.

---Laughter. Via text. Via evenings over vino. Via chuckles with the dogs. Laughter.

---Feeling a extra bit of padding protuding around my mid section---meaning that I'm again eating routinely. And having that extra padding start to be something to worry about! :)

---Evenings making dinner with the housemate; seamless, simple, fulfilling. Sitting down at the table together and having real conversations. Or sitting in front of the occasional movie.

---Having B ensure that my coffee order was made right to order. Realizing that there are men that exist that will notice and ensure the small things happen.

---Noticing a bald eagle sitting on a branch above a river along the road trip.

---Sunshine streaming thru my windows in the morning, creating a great wake-up experience.

---A late afternoon/evening tucked into the entryway with both dogs, Major, a cup of tea, and a book.

---New vibrams at a discounted rate.

---Mornings curled up with three of my four furballs as I work from my laptop.

---Being nose deep in several books and sucking up the words on the page, after a couple months absence.

---Berkeley sitting in the sunshine with E. Flowers in hand purchased by M. Soaking up the rays and catch-up conversation, surrounded by cello music & the farmer's market.

---The smell of fresh cut lawn and the joy of pushing the lawn mower over the lush greenness.

---An afternoon of 77 degrees, laying in a bikini on the patio, soaking up some initial warm spring rays with the dogs.

---Conflicted moments, running, running, yet surrounded by trees full of blossoms, greenery, chirping birds, sunshine, and flowers poking up out of the ground.


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  1. seriously?! 77 degrees?! Why do you have to torture me!? It sounds like you have had some wonderful things going on recently!