Wednesday, April 3, 2013


I got in. Off the waitlist and Into the MSW program that is.

The catch? It's 40k for 3 terms. It's a 4 term program. I was awarded 12k in scholarships for 4 terms. Oh and I already have about the price of tuition in existent grad loans. Perhaps I could land a TA/GA and I know I can teach online in my current job's a lot of money. What if I decide that I actually don't want to work with veterans?! :)

So now comes decision time.

So like normal, I went for a 3 mile easy jog...

...and I'm just going to give myself time to think things through. Just like I've been doing, since I've spent the last week being reclusive and trying to process through the failure aspect of life....again.

In the last two days I've also applied to two full-time local academia jobs (one of which might be especially awesome!) and a part-time extra academia job for this term. I'm sure the local masses are applying too.

Decisions, decisions. We'll see what occurs....'s hoping God can make the "right" direction especially apparent! :)


  1. Woo congratulations! Even though you have a big decision to make, you should be pretty proud of yourself :)

  2. congratulations! what an amazing feeling to be accepted into an msw program! although there is a lot to weigh. i am pretty much in denial of the loans i still owe toward my msw. so i commend you for at least thinking about that part rationally. ;)