Thursday, March 7, 2013

Winter Wear: Week 9 the heck is it week nine already?

So sometimes weeks 8-9 include a slight increase in irritability... it's that point in the term when you wonder how students still are not reading directions, there's an increase in emailed excuses, and everyone is just a tad bit more tired of winter and wanting a break. Needless to say, this week brought lots of reminders to students about what it means to be in college and to operate at the college level both in terms of professionalism/respectfulness and academic expectations--I'm sure they were thrilled.

Tuesday Night Lecture

Wednesday Night Lecture 

Both these outfits you've pretty much seen before. The sweater dress was a serious last minute grab in the two minutes I had to get dressed and head out the door. 

This week for the first time ever I also ran out of time for one of the two lectures planned for today. That means that I have to cram three lectures into next week.

This week we had an inclass activity based on three articles, and then I lectured on cancer, which also includes a soapbox on chemical exposures and human health effects.

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  1. Sounds like a good week to be in your class! Have you seen the Crazy Sexy Cancer doc? It is really interesting to see how she goes about living her life with stage 4 cancer.