Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Deschutes River Rafting Weekend

Following D en route to Central Oregon for raft trip. Driving through the Gorge it was beautiful!

The two Ds and I were only planning on spending the weekend rafting while E & P continued on for 5-7 more days, so Tall D and I drove over separately on the Thursday evening to set-up our own shuttle service for the three of us. Tall D and I camped at this awesome spot at Trout Creek, which is a spot my oldest brother and I had camped at years ago. We split cooking responsibilities so once we had camp set up, I fixed dinner for us (tuna noodle casserole the easy way) and then we took a walk along the river before bed. The next morning Tall D made an amazing breakfast (croissant, egg, bacon, greens, sundried tomato scramble w/ pesto & feta---he always has been an amazing cook) and we fixed coffee before packing up camp, transferring gear to dry bags, and heading out to meet up at the rendezvous spot at Warm Springs.

Once the other three guys got there (a hour or two late :)), we blew up the arms of the raft/boat and loaded it on up. Secured the two trucks and then we headed off. The first day we had about six hours of float time on the river with E being our captain. Captain P has 30 years of experience on the river and so he led the charge thru the actual rapids on our last day, but he's taught E most of what he knows. (They also made us all attempt the captain's chair...mine was short lived...and highly entertaining for all of us!) :)

The other three guys D, E, and P and me on the last day. We had lots of trains go by us on the river and normally the conductors would wave! Gorgeous views!

We were able to snag the ideal campsite the evening of day 1 and so we spent day 2 as a rest day just hanging out around the camp. Two hammocks were up, we hiked to the type of a ridge (the guys went further to the flag that was flying up top), brews flowed, we played some Apples to Apples, books were skimmed, good food was made, and naps were taken.
Tall D took this from the top of the ridge.

Two of the guys with the raft/boat hanging out on the shore on rest day.

Ginormous, but awesome find!

Which I must also say, in terms of a campsite, as a female, this place was awesome. Shady spots, with sunny spots. The river there to wash off in and an actual outhouse too. And surprisingly while we saw lots of lizards, we didn't stumble upon a single snake. My tent was set up in the middle of camp with two others on each of the far side and in an area protected by trees. Very ideal.

More views from the river.

Tall D looking back on the last section of rapids we went through.

Day 3 we packed up early, loaded up the boat (and pumped it up a bit), and then headed out for 6 more hours of floating until we could get to Maupin where we had left my car. E & P were doing the whole length of the Deschutes so they had arranged a separate shuttle to ferry them around the falls. We picked up a few items they needed from town and then the two Ds and I drove to get Tall D's truck where we had started. We tag-teamed back toward Portland, stopping for dinner together at a cool lil place just west of Mt Hood. 

Altogether it was a GREAT time--seriously a ton of fun and so glad to have been able to go. The guys were awesome and laid back with lots and lots of laughs. It reminded me of why I always had lots of dude friends in high school--just real low key and easy...and always fun. They were impressed I held my own, put up easily with their veteran banter, etc etc. They're going to try to go on a few more trips this summer but we'll see if I'm able to finagle or manage another quick trip invite :) Definitely glad these dudes are hanging out together though! And so enjoyed the trip, especially since I've always wanted to go!

And a big thank you to my mom, who spent that weekend entertaining the current housemate, watering the transplanted bushes, and caring for my critters :)

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  1. Sounds like a fun little trip. The pictures are really gorgeous. you live in such a beautiful area of the country. I think this is the first time you've mentioned spending time with Tall D in quite awhile - it sounds like it went well which is good to hear!