Thursday, November 7, 2013

Priorities & Living with Intention

So I seriously love reading most of the posts that show up on A Life Less Bullshit, and last week or so this particular post on priorities really made me nod my head and just plain think....

....and I started thinking about what my priorities were, what they currently are, and what I feel that they SHOULD be long term. If I'm truly living with intention and authenticity, then where and how I choose to spend my time should also correspond to what I value in life and be helping me head toward the life I want to be living. Nothing like getting to take a good look at where I'm currently investing my energy vs where I want to be investing my energy long term! :)

You all know I'm a goal-setter by nature and that I like to challenge myself in healthy ways. These goals consistently get reviewed to ensure that they're truly representative of who I want to be long term, but it's been a while since I've really thought about what I'm doing NOW and what those choices transmit to others. While I recognize that my current schedule has had to change my priorities some in recent weeks, I've also been reflecting upon the reality that I feel that life (while heading into a totally separate plan than what I expected) is actually heading back in the right direction. I'm honestly not sure how all this will play out (and I'm okay with not knowing for now), but I feel like this is where I am supposed to be and this current program is directing me back full circle (ironically...potentially heading toward the version of me I wanted to be back when I was 15). I'm *happy* with where life is heading and also with the version of myself I'm currently living, even if I can't fully engage in all the areas I'd like to have be priorities.

So what might those current priorities be? Well the main ones:
--Basics: Sleep, hygiene, food
--Engaging in time management

Lesser but still important priorities:
--physical activity
--social connections

Smaller priorities:
--pets & house care
--mental health days/moments
--financial focus
--family obligations

Things that generally ARE priorities but currently (and unfortunately) are not on the list:
--spiritual health
--creative engagement: reading, projects, crafting/DIY
--yard duties
--travel & outdoor pursuits/planning
--outside intellectual stimulants (lectures, personal research, etc)

And other areas I would like to see on the list again in the next few years:
--Social engagement on a larger scare
--Donating time/money/resources

And honestly if that/those are my list, then I'm happy with what that does say about me. Granted not all of that gets discussed here on the blog. I tend to post pictures of outfits, hikes, and the occasional check in...but when I really think of where my time/focus/energy is going then I'm happy with where things are for the moment.

Having to decrease focus on social interactions and physical activity is an adjustment and they're still very important to me, but I'm also having to be realistic about just how much I can do in any given day, week, and month. Since school is my current priority and work pays my bills (and is something I love), then those two have to get most my time. The basics is what will keep me sane, healthy, and functioning (and while physical activity I know should be in that just can't be right now), and time management is how I'm staying sane with everything right now and assists me in making sure that everything works out realistically and smoothly (even though time management, takes time!). :)

Generally speaking though, I think it's so important to live a life that is representative of who we are but also of who we want to be. This could be due to how I was was raised...with a clear focus on striving to be a "good" individual and being mindful of how our daily actions appeared to others. Do you think that your time and resource allocation is representative of you and where you want to go with life?? I'm intrigued to know what others think of this....


  1. I am constantly re-evaluating everything. I'm not sure what that says about me. I have a tendency to get distracted in my goals, or let others opinions of me sideline what I think is important. That is actually something I have been working on a lot lately, not letting others opinions have an impact on my happiness. Difficult, but getting there! I think that my greatest amount of time now goes to the raising and education of my children, and I think that is so important. Of course it doesn't allow me as much personal time as I would like, but the kiddos are also really excelling, and that makes me feel like I am doing something right! I have a constant pull in 100 different directions, and narrowing it down to the most important few is what I am striving towards :-) Glad to see you feel like you are on the right track! Isn't it wonderful when that happens!

  2. I think it's really good to sit down and write out where you want to focus your attention and energy. When I initially thought about this, before reading your post, I felt like work overwhelmed the list of priorities because right now I feel like my whole life is on hold and my career is the only thing advancing since my career led me to Charlotte... But really that is not the case when I think about it because I make time to see friends, travel, stay active, and am making more time lately to do things like knit. Great post, lady!