Sunday, November 3, 2013

Other October Attire

Again, October recap in November :) but seriously, dressing for massage school has been an adjustment but I think I've found a happy medium :) Also clothes and the act of putting an outfit that works together has totally become one of those happy daily tasks. I think I'm hitting a style of my own...even if it's 1/3 pinterest inspired, 1/3 me inspired, and 1/3 WNTW inspired. Ha!

And if you're on instagram then you've already seen almost all of these :)

Totally comfortable...and made me realize I matched my house!

New top for massage....awesome!

Also both massage and yet everyday appropriate. (And the first time Lady has made her outfit photo appearance!)

IN LOVE with these shoes....and the way it looked against nature!

Massage school day to teaching evening. I changed shirts cause I'd already worn that one to teach in before but I couldn't remember for which day of the week class....(I try not to duplicate outfits within the term...)

Coffee w the gals, freedom/hike day, and work evening. That middle picture tunic and leggings had a 3-4 day run. I'm all about rewearing the same outfit in a row these days if I can! :)

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