Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A Day in the Life: Tuesdays

Tuesdays are my LOOOONG day, so I thought it would be interesting to document one of them.

5:30am alarm goes off after falling asleep at 11:45pm.
5:35am crawl out of bed, turn heat up, nudge dogs outside
5:40am hop in for super quick shower, put on "face," get dressed
5:55am feed dogs, make coffee, get lunch & backpack packed, make & eat breakfast (Chobani yogurt, banana, Vit D, small bowl oatmeal w/ coconut flakes, pecan pieces, & brown sugar)
6:30am shut bathroom doors and make sure dogs seem settled for day
6:35am head out to car; drive to transit station
7:00am arrive at transit station, park, get on MAX
7:40am get off MAX and walk two blocks to school

8:00am attend Swedish massage class: watch example for 40 mins, receive practice for 40 mins, give practice massage using techniques shown for 40 mins
10:50am head downstairs to heat & eat lunch (quinoa, lentil, cauliflower, & sweet potato stew, 2 small oranges, V8 & mint tea) w classmates & try to review forearm/hand muscles for big quiz
11:30am attend Kinesology class, take written quiz, complete practical quiz in 2nd group (showing two randomly selected muscles at their origin, insertion, and naming all their actions), spend rest of class reviewing for midterm, finishing Friday's homework, and finishing reading for Thursday
2:15pm class is let out, walk to MAX stop
2:25pm get on MAX
2:55pm get in car at transit station and start drive home

3:25pm arrive at house, check mail, pull in garbage cans
3:35pm let dogs out, put dishes away, unpack school bag, pack work bag
4pm make caffeinated tea (something I never do in the afternoon), make & eat dinner, change clothes for work & touch up make up, feed dogs
5pm sit down for 15 minutes to relax, think about rest of week game plan & pin crap on pinterest
5:15pm leave for work

5:30pm arrive at close campus
5:40 arrive to classroom, get organized for evening, check work email, answer student questions
6pm class starts: mainly lecture & discussion (body composition, fitness, & body image issues)
9pm class over, answer student questions & concerns until 9:20pm
9:20pm respond to text messages, head to car
9:40pm arrive home, let dogs out & give attention, change into work out gear

(Below not normal for Tuesday, but think the tea needed burning off!)
9:50pm do 35mins of yoga, interact with housemate for 5 mins afterward, prep dogs and go for 4.1 mile drizzly night run, dry off dogs when home
11:10pm get in shower
11:30pm drink 20oz of water, pour a very small glass of wine, crawl into bed, drink wine & day dream on pinterest, think of game plan for Wednesday
11:40pm fall asleep


  1. Wow, that IS a long day! I get up around 5:30 or 6 every day, but I am in bed at 10. I could not stay up that late and function!!

  2. Whew! What a day! The traveling to school hopefully allows some extra time for reading and such. You sure pack an impressive amount into one day. I know I personally hope not to need to pack each day so full in maybe 4-5 years. We'll see how it all plays out... :)