Monday, November 4, 2013

Spontaneous Day Hike

As mentioned, on Wednesday I bailed on my optional work meeting and instead came home, changed into comfy clothes, loaded up the dogs, and stopped by Starbucks for a chai on the way to one of the dogs and my favorite trails in the Tillamook Forest. The dogs have been really squirrely the last few weeks as they're not used to being home so much and to not having me around as much, and it dawned on me that it had been several weeks since they had been out on a drive. To say they were excited is an understatement...and it felt amazing to have that sensation of spontaneous fun and freedom again (something I probably slightly took for granted throughout the last year). I still had to teach that night, but for a few short hours we got to get away and just enjoy ourselves and our surroundings.

Gorgeous leaves lined the trail.

Cement stepping stones to go around the open ground spring.

Gorgeous sky views.

Chilly enough to see the dogs breath.

Peace overcame my soul.

Beautiful trail views....with the sunlight streaming through the trees, happy dogs sniffing and smiling, and the large ferns seeming like sprouting treasures.

The dogs and I at the creek crossing.

Just a few hours....but that freedom was oh so good for the soul. Time in nature soothes and there's nothing like the happy smiles that cross the dogs faces as they sniff and jog along the trails.

Note to self: take time to just enjoy and embrace free days of life...

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  1. Wow, those pictures are gorgeous! I am glad you got a chance to escape the hustle and bustle of life. Reconnecting with nature like that is so good for the soul!