Saturday, May 25, 2013

Projects: Simple Center Pieces

So I'd mentioned having the opportunity to work on creating center pieces for our banquet tables. The original idea had been to buy pre-made herb assortment planters, but I couldn't find any available. (This being sustainable Portland, we wanted to have something that could be used again and/or planted.) In my searching I did notice that calla lillies were on sale for $7/pot, so I had the idea to use them as elegant, simple center pieces for our tables. The black pots were ugly however so I decided to fix them up a bit: 
Washed & dried 3 yards of burlap for 8 pots. Cut a square for each one.

While trying to decide how to secure the burlap, I stumbled upon my bag of saved twist-ties and rubber bands (Thank You Granny for the save everything life lesson :)....). The rubber bands around the burlap still didn't look great but they helped secure the burlap, and then I was able to tie the loose ends up around the base of the plant with twine.

Originally I was going to tie the loose ends up with the blue ribbon, but I liked the ribbon around the center (plus I could keep/hide the rubber band around the middle and pull the burlap up tighter from that central spot). Retied all the twine tighter and pulled the ends up tighter as well. (The ribbon is held in place with double stick tape.)

So much fun and so simple to make! And our guests were stoked to receive the plants as event favors. 

The other arrangements were marigolds & lil blue flowers in terracotta bowls. The only thing I did for those was to tie/tape thicker blue ribbon around the bowls.

Again, I'm realizing how fulfilling these types of projects are for me. It's so rewarding to come up with an idea, work it through, and have it turn out great! (And this time I even got paid for it--woot woot!)

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  1. Those center pieces turned out great! I love the use of burlap!