Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Garden 2013

The chives and strawberries were left over from last year, so I transplanted some of them and then had Dad just till around the others. They take up two rows on one side of a raised bed. In that same bed, I planted two tomato plants and from seed: two rows of carrots and a row of lettuce.

After my parents left, I used part of the trellis from last year, some old scraps, and twine to create an improved trellis for the other raised bed. (The third cinder block, lower bed I didn't cover during winter and it got overrun with weeds--it'll be laid to rest this year....). I also moved the artichoke (it doesn't look too great here, so we'll see if it survives.) Two pepper plants (red & yellow), a basil start, and two zukes all got added to this box. From seed: a row of cucumbers (down by the zukes on the left), a row of pole beans, and a row of bush peas. 

The kiwi is in full growing mode!
The garlic and rhubarb are also up and high in their respective spots. The mint is coming in already and the blackberry is just starting to send out its runners.

Each year I add a few more fruits & veggies to the entry way area. We planted three blueberry bushes when we first moved in and last summer I added strawberries which are still there. This year I'm trying two tomatoes and watermelons, so we'll see if they take!

Still to plant (there's still room in the raised beds):

Also sitting on a table not pictured:
Another basil

Ironically most my seeds were left overs from previous years and at least 1/2 the starts I got using a gift card my Dad gave me at Christmas. 

We'll see how much of it takes the first time around!


  1. Very cool! I wish we had some space for an edible garden, but our back yard is all shade and I can't bring myself to plant veggies in the front. Enjoy your coming bounty!

  2. I am envious of your outdoor garden space! I tried to grow some tomatoes and green peppers on my patio last year and it was kind of a bust!