Saturday, May 11, 2013

Home Spaces I'm Loving

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE my new living room space? :) 
Officially complete with the sign hung!

Finished Phase 3 (?) of the off-kitchen area yesterday. The black shelf is on loan from M while he's gone but goes in this space nicely, and I hope to use it both for a spot to hold canning materials and a quasi-bar. Those are the curtains mom just made, I made the pillows yesterday from fabric on-hand and made the signs two weeks ago. The mirror is an old-weathered garage find from my parents house that I've had for years, the futon was a freebie given to the ex and I (and it's pretty broken down at this point!), and the Ikea chair was a thrift store buy two years ago. The carpet was a Target cast-off I got at a thrift store last summer. I painted the stripes on the walls and the fireplace area to black last summer. There might be a phase 4 to bring the picnic table in come winter, but we'll see.... This space sort of evolved on it's own, but I'm seriously loving it and it's already attracting sitters to the space :) 

The patio is also getting dressed up, although it's not quite completed. Used curtains from the linen closet & tied them up with twine. I'd like to add some lights (Christmas white ones from garage), spray paint a table that's not shown (but need landlord permission), and hang a picture :) Dad built the table about twenty years ago and I picked that lil Target cast-off drape that I use as a table cloth up from a thrift store last summer. Flowers are from the back yard.

Don't mind that pesky finger up top! ;) Sitting corner in the front entry. With that half wall, you can be tucked in the entry in one of the chairs and no one would ever know it..... In this picture you can also see one of the blueberry plants, my tomatoes, and some of the strawberries! 

If you follow me on pinterest at all, then you'll probably see some of the themes from my boards shinning through here....good inspiration that pinterest is! But it's great to have lots of areas that feel homey and like an extension of myself. And I love making people feel cozy and welcome...stay awhile! ;)

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  1. Wow it looks great! Your outdoor space is SO nice! I love the idea of using some Christmas lights to make the space extra special!