Sunday, May 5, 2013

(Sunny) Randoms

Just some random thoughts tooling around in my head:

---Have I mentioned that I absolutely love my new house lay-out/decor? As in, I seriously walk around the house saying outloud, "This is just awesome..." And everytime I look around or sit somewhere, my heart just swells...even with it being unfinished. The last two evenings I curled up on the couch with my laptop and with the breeze blowing through the curtains and the birds tweeting outside, I swear I can imagine I'm at the beach.

---If you couldn't tell from the tone, I actually feel like I'm starting to come out of the woodwork of doom and gloom. Maybe it's the sun. Maybe it's the support of my parents. Maybe it's completing projects. Whatever it is, I'm starting to let myself (quasi) believe that things WILL work out...eventually. I even took M out for a late happy hour since he's leaving in under two weeks--first new/spontaneous social outing I've chosen to make in oh, two months...?

---Those signs take work. Totally get why people charge 100 bucks to make them!

---Yesterday's other totally awesome perk? 6 pack of tall boy PBRs that I stuck in the freezer one at a time until they were icy. Seriously delish!

---My parents are coming tomorrow. I'm stoked. Dad's helping me spray weeds and getting my raised beds ready. Mom's going to check out the burlap curtain making situation. 

---Roxi (the usual late sleeper) has decided that it's her job to wake with the sun. So for the last several days I've been waking to Roxi's head and licking up in my space/face much earlier than usual. Major's also decided that he wants to try to come inside at 6am...and 4am...and midnight. Oh joy. We've got some retraining to do.

---So I've got this weird thing about yogurt. Everyone touts the benefits of eating (greek) yogurt, but if I try to eat most organic yogurt (period), my face starts to break out. If I eat the regular (growth hormone laden) variety, I have no problems. I've been eating a yogurt for breakfast because I feel it gets the day started right (it's something that I do at my parents...and I feel it helps my digestion work better)....but I'm wondering just how horrible it is to be back to the growth hormone variety. Sigh....

---Have I shared enough how much I love instagram? I seriously can't believe I fought it for so long (except it's only a small portion of my friends who are on it), but it's so great to see a positive sharing forum! I've looked for many of you bloggers, so if I haven't found you yet, let me know how to find you! (I also updated my about me and included contacts for both Pinterest and Instagram)

---Birds. I totally love birds. It cracks me up that the whole Portland thing has been "put a bird on it." Cause I seriously want.a.bird on everything. 

I'm sure there are way more random thoughts, but I've got to get my grading finished and apply for a couple jobs. Happy SUNday to you all!


---I'm FINALLY getting my garden on...and I have a potential lay-out finally for how to use what's there but improve the front yard. Just to run it by the landlords and find the man power to rip out/move bushes. The landlords have been asking me for months if I have "vision" for the front, so hopefully they'll give this the green light. Streamline, people, it's all about streamlining. I also put in a call for potential free wood chips courtesy of the power company cleaning up local bushes--here's hoping that pans out.

---I don't think it's truly organic, BUT I swear that the Freddies store brand coconut milk is the best I've had. It tastes delish, it's cheaper, and it makes me happy that coconut milk has finally hit the point of being made into store brands.

---Started composting again...and I'm thinking of developing a new compost system using left over cinder blocks (and it'd cut down on plastic exposure to the new compost).

---Wearing my glasses a LOT more. My eyes need them when reading/computer using and honestly I don't usually have hang-ups about them, but it's really helped me to live with someone who has to wear glasses (although he'll wear contacts too). In many, many, many ways, living with M has healed me. Even though he's mainly just my housemate (and we also can drive each other crazy), he has helped me overcome a lot of baggage, one of which has been reinforcing that I should feel good about myself. Whether I'm in scroungy sweats, glasses, and no make-up, just back from a sweaty run, or dressed up for work--it's nice to have someone around now who likes to remind me that I'm not too bad looking. :)

---I think I'm coming back around to the "green" stuff. I've got lots of ideas rattling around my brain and I'm getting back on the food train. I've also changed the name (slightly) of the blog although not the web address and I'm hopeful to start posting more educational based stuff rather than my uber personal deets. We'll see what might be to come....

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