Friday, May 3, 2013

Home Rearranging (Again!)

Okay, okay....does it make it slightly more endearing if I openly admit that I might have a slight "problem" (cough, addiction, cough) to rearranging/decorating my house? 

But I swear that this time I really, really love it....and it just finally makes sense of all the spaces. Even if I'm not totally done yet, it's felt nice to downsize my furniture and finish some projects. I've been meaning to make those signs for months (like six to eight months to be exact) and I've known that I needed to resand the picnic table since last summer. It's nice to finally have the projects underway/completed.

So here's the newest living room arrangement: 

The sign will be hung on that wall behind the leather chairs and what you can't see very well is that the fireplace is flanked by leather benches that could be used for extra seating if needed.

The tall wall the TV is now on is directly across from the fireplace and the console also functions as a entry way catch-all which I love. (And you still can't really notice the TV when you look in the house from the front door.) I might also have an idea for one more sign between the TV and photo collage above (hanging on old screws that I didn't want to move).

The eating area is back.....
(Oh and have I mentioned that I'm so not looking forward to repainting that green eventually....)

Although the sanding of the picnic table is so.... can be brought into this space and used as seating for larger family gatherings. (I'm hopeful my mom can produce some burlap drapes like these ones for this space.....and that rug might get flipped or moved out). 

I think I just love redecorating cause it's a way to be creative without always having to buy something new. Plus I seriously love that I'm reusing some of my old goods in new ways. I've wanting a formal farmhouse table for years and my cousin suggested the picnic table---uh brillant! The other nice thing about all of this is that I've parred down enough that I could easily live in a much smaller 2 bedroom, living/dining room space--so we'll see what the future holds. 


  1. I move the stuff around in my house every other month. It is fun, and gives everything a good cleaning! I did the same thing growing up, constantly re-arranging my bedroom. And then in college I seemed to be in a different living situation every semester until I moved off campus senior year...moved a few times after graduation and then after marriage. Now that we have been in this house going on 7 years I am going crazy! I think I just like to move, so moving furniture and changing rooms around has to suffice :-)

    1. Haha and this is one of many reasons why I enjoy and appreciate you :) I'd love to see more pictures of your space :) And I hear ya, I've been in this house for just over two years now--this is the longest I've lived in the exact same continual location since I was in high school.....and ironically, as much as I say I want to move, other days I could be content to just stay and truly make this rental my H-O-M-E. Seven years---think of all the combos you've had in that house! I was just thinking the other day about your half-rental situation!

  2. Your home looks wonderful! I am so bad at decorating or arranging, so I avoid it! I haven't rearranged any of the places I have ever lived in actually! Maybe because the spaces tended to be small and had limited options? I am proud of myself for getting pictures up on the wall within a week of moving in as I usually procrastinate on that!

    1. Thanks Lisa! And that's awesome you already have the pictures up--I'm sure it helps with the transition to have your place feel more home-y. I think of my home as my haven so I like for it to be cozy, etc. I think I read too many books on "flow"/feng shui when I was younger and pinterest inspires many more ideas, so I can imagine lots of ways that this home-making has become slightly addictive :) Haha. I think when spaces are smaller it can be more difficult to have options for rearranging for sure :)