Saturday, May 25, 2013

No Buy 2013: More Spring Combos

Mother's Day Brunch:
This outfit got lost in the need-to-update-my-phone data transfer. I technically wore this same thing to Thanksgiving in LA in 2010. I love that three years ago and now, I still like it....

Tuesday Teaching & Thursday Interview:
Ended up wearing the same outfit both to teach and to interview. No point in not rewearing, although I wasn't sure which outfit from this week to rewear cause I liked the one below too.

Wednesday Work Errands:
I'm not one to usually do the skinnies, Tshirt, and blazer look, but on this particular day I gave it a try...and I sort of liked it actually. Inspired from this pin.

Wednesday Lecture:
This was literally a quick closet grab & go outfit, but I love it. I found this mint green lacy long-sleeved top at Target last fall. I wasn't sure what I'd think of it.....but I love it. Mom also provided the earrings from her selection on this most recent trip south. They're BIG silver leaves and apparently too long for her neckline. (She also passed on a silver bracelet, which ironically was similar to one I was eyeing on Pinterest the other day.)

Friday Work Errands:
This is a dress that I'm never sure what to do with it but I keep hanging on to it. I think that today was the first time I'd tried the blue combo...and again, I liked it.

Friday Evening Work Event:
Simple, easy and casually dressy. (Worn with black flats, although I wore this same outfit with black peep toe heels to a wedding last summer.) PS it dawned on me today how long my hair has gotten.

I'm loving pulling "new" items out that rarely get worn. It's almost June...the only new item in the closet since last November is the awesome belt gifted to me by M. I'd venture to say there are still many items I have yet to wear at all. In fact....maybe that should be my newest focus....wearing what hasn't been worn yet this year?


  1. I really like the skinnies and blazer look - it looks great on you! You once again pulled together a great set of outfits!

    1. Yea!! Thanks Lisa :) Especially about the skinnies and blazer. I always think it looks great on other people, but it's harder to feel confident to rock it sometimes :) Definitely appreciate the positive reinforcement!!