Friday, May 3, 2013

A Day in the Sun

The ladies and I sunbathing on the patio this afternoon.

Major catching some rays in the grass.

We're in the midst of some GLORIOUS sunshine-y days here in Portland. As in today was EIGHTY-ONE degrees! I've been trying to catch some rays out on the patio when I can. Yesterday I ran out of time as those signs take forever to make, but today I was able to fit in a couple sessions outdoors interspersed with work meetings, taking Anna to the vet, mowing the lawn, phone calls, and finishing some projects. 

So here's the newest:
A) No go on one of the three jobs I wanted. I also didn't get an interview for a full time faculty slot I applied for, BUT I'm stoked cause one of my friends had the opportunity to interview for that job and I really, really hope she gets it. (Neither one of these jobs I met all the qualifications on....and let me have a mini rant please. As happy as I am that Portland is so uber loved, I'm really really tired of the job market here....and of the fact that so many new Portland-ites are also always in the running for the same positions as us locals.....end rant.) This means that of the 30 I've applied for, only 3-4 I really wanted, I've only heard back from about 8 (most no), and I'm only really in the running (I think....) for maybe, two still....

B) Anna. The vet couldn't see that anything is wrong with her per se. He thought that she looks healthy but agreed that it was really odd about her recent behavior. When he manipulated her joints, she seemed okay though. He mentioned Xrays for her hips but thought that she'd be too young for any issue that is coming on to really be noticeable. So we're doing an anti-inflammatory for ten days and then I'll try to take her out again. Hopefully she was just on an off day last weekend....but even if she's done with running and down for just walking, I'll take that as long as she's still around for some more years!

C) I'm again stating that I'm trying to push myself out of the dumps. I chose the "Believe there is good in the world/be the good" sign for a reason. I need to hear both messages right now in a big, bad way. I need to truly believe that there IS good, that things might work out, etc etc. I didn't exactly demonstrate "being the good" this afternoon when I had a little dramatic rant on my housemate.... but I did step outside my comfort zone and I called both my dad and one of my gal pals to talk on the phone today. And I also agreed to let my gal R come over sometime much later this that's a step in the right direction. I know that regardless my parents ( dad.... ) will help me financially if needed...I just so hate being dependent on anyone and I truly WANT to be able to make do completely 100% on my own these days. Trusting my ex enough to marry and depend on him was a BIG leap of faith for me, but it's even harder to rebuild trust in myself again. I NEED something to pan out if for no other reason than needing to trust in my own capabilities again. Maybe that's why I find simple joy in things like completing projects....

D) On the agenda for this weekend: job hunting, finishing picnic table, researching and grading.

E) Did I mention how awesome the sunshine was?! And we're looking at a full weekend of it too! Hope you're getting some great sunshine in your neck of the woods too!


  1. We have had a week full of sun and warm temps as well - not as warm as you, but 70 most days, and honestly, that is my favorite type of weather. Not too hot, and not too cool :-) I hope things pan out on your job situation soon!

    1. Heather, those 70s sound ideal! So glad you guys are finally coming out of winter and getting some sunshine :)

  2. I am so glad it's been sunny... hopefully that helps your mood shift somewhat. Sunshine really does wonderful things for the soul.

    That is tough that the job market is so competitive there... I can see how that is the case since you live in such a desirable area... I know I keep saying this but I hope that something gives soon...

    I am still struggling with being down in the dumps as well. And I am having a hard time reaching out to people because I am tired of talking about how things are going here... And I have a few local friends but I have a hard time making plans as I never know how CFA studying is going to go or when I will wrap up each day and if it goes poorly, I am not fun to be around and I don't like cancelling. So I don't make any plans which results in me feeling completely lonely at 7 pm last night no one to see/nothing to do. If I wasn't in my boot, I would have gone exploring but that is not an option right now. On the bright side, I am getting more reading for pleasure in, so there's that! :)

    1. So agree about that sunshine! Today's an overcast day and I woke up in a slight funk that I'm attempting to snap out of :) It's funny how weather and mood are so intermixed!

      I hope something gives soon too.

      I know once the CFA is over you'll be able to settle into a true new routine, but I can imagine this first month or two is difficult trying to focus but also being alone. Keep your head up lady! This too shall all pass..... (for both of us!)