Sunday, May 19, 2013

New Combos: Spring Attire 3

This whole last week apparently was trying to put rarely worn items into rotation to keep them in my closet long-term.

Monday Meeting
Loved this! One of only two blazers to survive the last closet purge...and trying to put it into rotation. Inspiration pinned here.

Tuesday Teaching
Wanted to wear the new/gifted belt again and this black shirt rarely gets worn. Am I the only one who thinks of Starbucks when wearing khaki & black together? It's one of my self-imposed rules to avoid, but maybe I'm going to try to break it....

Wednesday Work
Trying out new twists on this rarely worn Target dress. I actually need to bring the straps up (for this day I twisted them up in my bra straps). And I technically wore this with a different than usual black belt and black shoes......although I like this look too. Inspiration pinned here.

Thursday Teammeeting :)
Colder than usual morning (50s) brought out the tall boots. This sweater vest is also trying to make a plea to stay in my closet, since it's rarely worn either. Also trying to bring this long necklace back into rotation....


  1. Another great set of outfits! I love that first one the best! You look so pulled together!

  2. I like all of these outfits, but my favorites are 1 and 3. I'm such a fan of stripes. :)