Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Winter Term Wear: Wk 4

Sunday: Church
Thrifted skirt, hand-me-down button-up, old ruffled cardi, black leather boots, belt borrowed from a dress, earrings made by N

And y'all know that returning to church was...awesome...and needed.

Monday Evening: Dinner w/ Friend
gray suede flats, gray ruffled tunic, mustard cardi, jean skinnies, gold earrings from mom's closet
And I loved this outfit combo honestly.

First time I'd seen one of my old undergrad gals in FIVE years--caught up on much in a very tiny amount of time!

Tuesday Evening: Exam & Lesson
tweed back-ruffle pencil skirt, black suede shoes, merlot ruffled blouse, black belt
Side shot to TRY to show the ruffles in back of skirt and the ruffles up top on blouse...

Note to self: totally want to wear this top sans belt w/ skinnies and sandals come spring....

Wednesday Evening: Exam & Lesson
Thrifted skirt, black cardi, merlot tunic, black suede shoes, mix-match black jewelry

And this shows something that I NEVER do (but that I always thought was a very Southern thing to do...)....wearing dangly earrings and a necklace at the same time. This is something that feels like it's rare in the PNW, but I saw it in the south all the time...and it just feels so strange do wear both at once.

Was so behind schedule here, so this outfit was thrown together, make-up was put on, and a quick shower occurred all within 20 minutes....

What's Up w/ Work & Job Searching: 
Well A) frustration about the no additional job nor real bites yet...and frustration about finances of course. Most the positions I've applied for haven't closed yet, but it's still making me nervous for various reasons. I know the market is bad, but I'm realizing that leaving Portland when I did and removing myself from the field was probably not a great idea...since my experience in my main/desired field is old now and also fairly education based. It's rare that I see many positions posted that I'm both qualified for and that excite me currently... and this is also frustrating at this point. 

B) I also have been having mixed thoughts on how realistic it's going to be to both teach and try to have another job...mainly because I've been cognizant of how much time I'm putting into grading and the like...and well, it's a LOT. Twelve hours of online grading on Saturday, 2-3 hours yesterday afternoon, and then almost all day to get through the assignments today. Just to have it all start again tomorrow now that the exams are completed. Granted this is my heavier term, so there'd be a little less grading during my regular term loads...but still something to take into consideration.

C) Most of this week's class was devoted to the exam and explanation of the next big assignment, which I discussed slightly in my nutrition post a while back. The last 30-40 minutes, I showed parts of King Corn to stimulate thoughts as we head into the nutrition lecture next week. 

Technically the work week isn't over yet as I'm attending an internal teaching conference but maybe I'll just reuse one of the outfits from above ;)

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