Thursday, January 24, 2013

Snowshoe Trek: Twin Lakes

Last night I contemplated snowshoeing again today--I went to bed way late (1:30am) but set my alarm anyway after having checked the roads and weather (sunny til noon with some rain in afternoon). Twice through the snooze, I really just wanted to keep snoozing all morning, but after checking the roads I decided it was time to Carpe Diem!

Threw on my snow gear, packed up a bag, fed the dogs, crammed a hearty breakfast in, and headed out with coffee in hand. 

A quick stop at my rental store up at Government Camp, where I decided to ask the gal if she had any suggestions for a different snowshoe today...and she told me about Frog Lake.

Drove over to Frog Lake and checked out both signs...and settled on heading up toward the lower Twin Lake. This sign is about a mile up trail:

And luckily I decided to take a picture of the area where I was...definite good thing as I had to rely on this picture (and my gut instincts) on multiple occasions. :) 

Initial miles were sunny, green, and with packed and limited snow on what looked like a snowy but regular hiking trail. 

The dogs were SO glad to be out and about again. They're remembering the general drive up to the mountain more and more these days...and that smile breaks out on their face sooner and sooner as they realize we're headed for a day of trail fun! 

Sign heading to Lower Twin Lakes (1 mile away): 

At lower Twin, and here I calculated out about how fast I'd been moving, consulted the map, and decided I'd have time and energy to attempt the next lake (and probably the rest of the mileage).

About another mile along, we were at the Upper Twin Lake: 

Go doggies, go! Running across the lake. 

Roxi couldn't help but plant a cheap shot: 

Headed up through quite a few switchbacks (trail rated: difficult) and eventually reached the summit:

Somewhere beyond here there was an unexpected trail that veered off and the map didn't show everything, but I decided to head the way that felt right and knew I could always backtrack if needed. Through sections of the trail, the snow in the trees melted and in other spots there was some rain, but also some powder like snow and conditions along the way:

Eventually the trail connected back to the PCT (Pacific Crest Trail), which followed back to the Frog Lake Sno Park. Looking on the pictured map, I'd calculated out about 7 miles, but looking up the actual loop online tonight, it says it was 8 miles--woot woot! Total incline gain wasn't much (700 ft), but lots of up and downs throughout the trail. The trail also seemed like an awesome one to come back to this summer for a mix of hiking/trail running.

Altogether another great day out in the snow. Muscles worked, dogs and I equally smiled, senses were sharpened, mind let thoughts come and go, and nature just stilled the soul. Absolutely lovely!


  1. That is awesome that you are doing so much snowshoeing these days. The pictures are awesome. I bet it feels so good to get out there and get some fresh air!!

    1. Yes! It seriously feels great. There's nothing like being out in nature---enjoying the elements, hearing the birds, watching the joy in the dogs, feeling a smile creep upon all of our faces, working muscles, and letting thoughts come and go as they please. Very rewarding, motivating, and restoring!