Saturday, January 26, 2013

Memorable Moments: Three

Things to make me smile, laugh, appreciate:

---Students that hang around after class just to chit chat and gather advice.

---Seeing a red truck with all of the following stickers: 2 Marines stickers, 1 cowboy up sticker, 1 rodeo sticker, and 1 Obama sticker......

---Day long text exchanges encouraging and enjoying acquaintances in the same general life situation.

---An afternoon RUN of the type that just feels OH.SO.RIGHT w/ happy dogs and a good indoor play & smile session afterwards. (Plus not being able to help myself and running the dogs toward the flock of geese in the nearby field....)

---Noticing a bird just floating and soaring in the sky out of the corner of my eye on an afternoon jog.

---Mt Hood looming on the horizon of TV Hwy on an afternoon drive, windows down, country music blaring, singing to the radio, sun out bright, and a slight chill in the air.

---Meeting my gal N for a spontaneous afternoon happy hour on MLK remembrance day.

---Undeniable hours of entertainment looking thru online profiles and chuckling.

---A spontaneous afternoon soak in the outdoor pool/hot tub at McMenamins with T....and later hearing her report that her head (concussion) had finally stopped throbbing.

---The ex sending me a text saying that the dogs are mine to have...knowing how much that decision must have been challenging and yet how much I appreciate it. AND realizing that those dogs have been my non-stop companions, constants, and care takers (as well as needing care) for three years straight now (Anna for 3.5 years). They make life jolly and bright with their big goofy smiles :)

---Hosting coworkers for my first solo dinner party and having a blast. Great tasty food, four bottles of vino devoured, and wonderful time with friends. Flexibility with start times...and L's tasty brussel sprouts with maple syrup & red pepper flakes!

---Midweek solo snowshoeing fun with the dogs! Gorgeous vistas, sunshine and warm days.

---Afternoon phone calls of length and realness with Dad. Appreciated his humor & insights...and that non-stop support and unconditional love that only my parents & family know how to give.

---Text chats and phone calls with my brothers about our individual snow adventures.

---Reconnecting with new/old hiking buddies & running friends.

---An evening texting catch-up session with an old military buddy; offering & garnering support at the current events of life. Convincing him of Oregon's natural beauty.

---Morning wake-up snuggles with my furry bed companions. Our pretty funny wake-up routine these days which includes plenty of tail wagging, kisses given, and fur flying!

---An sensation of returning contentment....that I truly have everything in life that I need...and that the unknowns will eventually be resolved.

---A first date that while not a great connection...provided two days of great food-for-thought that opened my eyes to more of myself...and past relationship cycles to reflect upon.

---A great evening spent curled up in comfies with brews and snacks and my cousins.

---An afternoon stop-by from my brother and his lady, providing me with a great mid-day break from grading.

---One of the best work-outs I've had in months, sweat dripping, pause-button-pushing, pure awesome butt-kicking.....and the great blueberry smoothie that followed:


  1. Lots of great things are happening in your life these days! I am glad you are feeling a sense of peace about everything and have that feeling that everything is going to be ok!

    1. Thanks Lisa! I know you will be restored to that same feeling of peace after everything has settled and cleared again. Thinking of you and the changes taking place in your life!!

  2. It sounds absolutely amazing! I love how much running you do! Maybe someday I will start running too :-)