Sunday, January 27, 2013

An Ephesians Reminder

So I don't know about y'all....but some days God just calls me to go to church. And yes, I know I should be going to church probably every Sunday, but for a few Sundays in there I wasn't really being spiritually fed and Christmas was just r-o-u-g-h and left me questioning. I'm still questioning...but that doesn't mean that the Big Dude isn't still trying to break through to my jaded lil heart....and shake me upside down and then put me on my feet again....

So last night I knew in my heart that I was supposed to go to church this morning in a big bad way....and I did....and well, (big surprise), it was exactly what I needed to hear.

I mentioned that the date on Friday provoked a lot of great thoughts and insights--much of which is exactly the type of stuff that I've been needing to think about....and church this morning sort of wrapped around some of those same themes...but in a different and of course, bigger way.

And I took this post is a summary of what I got out of the service (which currently they are journeying through Ephesians).

The pastor summarized part of what he'd preached about last Sunday (which was great because it also was a good message...and it's just good practice to re-lay the groundwork...).
1) The EGO is what we think of ourselves. 2) REPUTATION is what others think about us. (and what we tend to be too concerned about...although people think about us MUCH less than we think) But 3) IDENTITY is what God thinks/feels IS you. The Church is there to be a body of people who are experiencing and EXPRESSING Jesus.

Starting out with today's scripture: Ephesians 1: 3-8.
God HAS already blessed us---He created and predestined us. He already gave us in life everything that we need, although the Devil (and I thought: society) tries to blind us from this knowledge (so that we are constantly seeking, desiring, wanting more, or trying to find other things to fill us or provide us with the knowledge of who we are...EVEN THOUGH we ALREADY KNOW IT). Sometimes our actions can lead God to wonder "You're not acting like who you you not know who you are (or who I made you to be)?", even though He already has provided us with all of the answers. We can move forward in our potential (who we are and who we are destined to become) based on what God has already provided to us and within us.

Then there were 3 additional key points:
Lasting Choice---God doesn't regret His choice in creating each of us...He already knew who we would become and He remains steadfast in His choice (love) of us. (He loves us unconditionally.) He won't trade us in or pass over us for another model.
Loving Adoption---In Christ, each of us has a destiny to fulfill a HOPE and a FUTURE. We've been adopted from exposure/the garbage heap and we can't be disowned. Our defining moment is not based on who threw us out in this world, but rather it's who actually took us in (Lasting Choice).
Lavish Grace.

All good stuff to remember and to take to heart!

{...and also got me thinking on a few other ways to move forward...based on the person that God created me to be, the potential He granted, and the desires He's consistently placed in and on my heart (including, ahem, His and my conversation on that embankment when He told me just GO abroad....but how does one do this with two dogs that I love and refuse to give up? We're still in negotiations the Man and I.....with Him needing to show me the way....believe me, no doubt that God will continue to kick my butt exactly to where He wanted me to be anyway....)}

And here's an extra little kick for your Sunday:

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