Friday, January 4, 2013

A 2013 Clothes Challenge

So in the spirit of Fearless, I've been thinking of some challenges and areas for personal growth for myself. One area that I've shared on here somewhat has been regarding clothes/outfits and in recent months I've mentioned wanting to get by with less....

Well..... I've been feeling inspired by Whitney over at Along the Lines of Style, who has challenged herself this year to not buy much for her closet. Now granted Ms Whit has quite the selection already, but her thoughts regarding this challenge are some that have been resonating with me for a while now...and I'm going to attempt to see if I can engage in a similar challenge for the next six months at least.

As I've mentioned before, my wardrobe is a bit sparser than it has been since I'm struggling to have most things fit me correctly anymore BUT I totally believe that I can get by with what I have, although I do have a couple caveats. IF I obtain full-time employment in an increased business environment, then I might need to invest in a pair of work pants that fit, as currently I have no work pants that fit, and maybe a few other minimal items. In the case of needing to replenish should I remain at this current size, then I will first attempt to find thrifted items rather than new. Additionally, I'm still free to raid mom's jewelry boxes.....and to try to get her to size down some of the items that I already have in my closet.

So what DO I have in my closet that I'm starting out with? Ha, ha, ha.....although it's actually way more than necessary.

A variety of dresses, most of which are more made for warmer temperatures and at least half of which require the use of a belt to fit correctly.
On the self above are my sweaters and tanks for layering.

Shirts, button-downs, cardigans, blazers are hanging--again some shirts need to be belted and most cardigans are no longer fitted.
On the shelf above are my Tshirts and long-sleeve shirts, with half of my long-sleeved shirts mainly being used for working out.

My skirts that fit (the pants and skirts that currently do not fit are hidden out of the picture but I'm not getting rid of them).
Pencil skirts: gray, cream, herringbone, merlot, dress jean, black
Aline: brown floral, blue dotted, white & black pattern, white w/ black floral, black pin stripped
On the shelf are two pairs of black leggings, two pairs of the same skinny jeans, and three pairs of casual jeans.

Flats: 2 pairs black, brown, blue, gray, leopard, orange, red.
Mary Janes: gray suede, old black
Peep-toe: zebra, brown, tan wedges, nude wedges
Sandals: brown, cream, black

Boots: brown flats, black leather, gray suede, old brown suede

Basket of bracelets


Necklaces (which I hardly wear)

And this is where pajamas, sweats, swim wear, and all my work-out wear gets stored---probably the most used stuff!! :)

So while it's not necessarily the 30 item challenge, I originally thought about, I still think this is a good one. Plus at this point I've already made it two months without buying anything new for my I'm hopeful another six to twelve won't be too challenging either---we'll see. Now to remix and match (and maybe resize) what I DO have! :)

Anyone else care to join in?!


  1. Although it might not feel like it, I think you have a lot of options to work with here! Plus it sounds like a fun, manageable challenge :)

    1. Thanks gal and I agree. Even when I was adding the pictures, I was thinking of combinations I could put together...and thinking that there's probably a month of skirts/dresses alone. I'm hopeful it won't be an issue at all!

  2. So glad you feel challenged and inspired to work with your closet! I'm really inspired by your closet -- I tend to get overwhelmed by everything in mine...maybe I need to cut down on everything (even my faves) just to get to the bare basics!
    I like the way you store your pjs and swim wear. I think that's an excellent way to keep your drawers decluttered..and you don't forget that you own certain things.

    1. Yea I will say that sometimes having less really allows us to see and work with what we have. In the last year I've probably purged a bag or two of clothes out that I wasn't wearing anymore and there are still items in there that I barely wear or that aren't my favorite. And I agree, I like the hanging shelves. I also have two bins that hold bras and I don't have a chest of drawers for clothes----all clothes are stored in the closets. I've also been contemplating sliding the bed over a bit to make more room so I can put all my clothes back in the room that I use---we'll see. Am excited to be doing the challenge with you though!

  3. Oh man, I would say I would join you, but I bought some clearance stuff at Banana Republic last week and today I bought a clearanced sweater dress at Macy's. All items purchased are things I think I "need" but I am sure I could get by without! But after these clearance sales are over, I do want to take a break from buying clothes as I really don't need anything else. And I still need to go through my closet and get rid of stuff that I don't wear/doesn't fit. My body has changed in the past year, too, but I am holding onto some things because of their cost. I might have to look into getting some of those items altered...

    1. Alterations would be great! Especially if they're quality then it should be easy to take to a tailor---plus I just love the idea of supporting tailors and shoe repair etc so that the industry doesn't die off more than it already has! :) You could always do a month no buy or every other month no buy? Just an idea!