Thursday, January 24, 2013

Winter Term Wear: Wk 3

Monday Happy Hour:
Skinnies, old turquouise cardi, old brown flats, brown belt & bracelet, resized hand-me-down tunic, earrings made by N

Tuesday Lecture: 
Target dress (3yo), black cardi, black leather boots, black reused belt, black drop earrings

Wednesday Lecture: 
Old black H&M sweater (4yo), thrifted skirt, black leather boots

Ha obviously this was the teaching week of polka dots! And that dotted skirt? Well it's another one mom picked up unrequested this last month from a thrift skirt...not sure if that counts as breaking the challenge or not?!

And now a random note about hair, my hair: It's finally been growing! And I get lots of comments on it lately. In fact a lot of comments that it seems like I must have invested a lot in it...and then I chuckle, because my hair is about as low maintenance as it comes. I wash it daily with "hippie" shampoo and let it towel/air dry. I hate blow dryers and try to only use them a couple times a year if I have to---my students know to expect me to show up with damp hair from my shower, usually it's pulled back in a pony tail/bun til it half drys, and once it's somewhat dry then I'll let it hang down...where it somehow 9/10 drys perfectly shaped. I give that part to my "hairdresser"...the tattooed, hard-edged and fabulous Nicole at Bishop's Barbershop, which I only go into about 4-6x a year for a trim. Usually when I'm in there someone asks who dyes my hair.....uh, well that would be the sun....and it changes with the seasons randomly. Usually in winter it's got a little more of a red tint, I might even get a blondish streak up front at times---I think it's my hair's way of stockpiling the summer sun and then putting it on display--ha ;) Also I wear that hair tie on my wrist like a badge of courage because 70% of the time my hair will be pulled back out of my face...and I need easy access to a hair tie. Oh...and my sign to get my hair cut? My bangs have gotten too long. So there ya have...the simple girls guide to hair care....but I'm not gonna lie, I'm secretly glad to get comments about it looking spendy. :)

Oh....and week 3? How are we already done with week 3? Next week is their first exam! Lots of grading to get through this weekend but once I do, 1/3 of their assignments are already done too. Did I mention that most of today I swore it was already March? If the term keeps trucking along like this, it truly WILL be March before I know it!

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  1. Cute outfits - I love that first cardigan, that is a great color! I really need to get my act together and go through my closet one of these days...